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Solid Waste Mission and Goals


The mission of the Larimer County Department of Solid Waste is to supply integrated waste management in an environmentally sound manner to the citizens of Larimer County. Our primary emphasis is on quality customer service superior to that normally found in the public sector.

We are committed to providing excellence in the services we deliver to the citizens of Larimer County. We will provide these services in a professional, simple and cost effective manner, always maintaining a high standard of ethics and foresight and never compromising long range needs for short term benefits.


  1. To provide economical, conveniently accessible waste disposal and recycling opportunities, both now and in the future, for wastes generated by Larimer County residents.
  2. To promote public awareness of waste management issues and encourage proper integrated waste management practices through public education and technical assistance outreach programs. Our priorities for waste management are: 1) Reduce the amount of waste generated, 2) Reuse materials in their original form, as long as is practical, 3) Recycle waste materials in an environmentally and economically sound manner.
  3. To be exemplary in our technical and management activities of all kinds, and to be seen as a leader in integrated waste management practices in the State of Colorado.

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