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Emergency Services

Always Dial 911 for Emergencies

Emergency Services General Information and Bulletin Board (970) 498-5312

Emergency Services Coordinator (970) 498-5300

Emergency Services is divided into the Emergency Services Unit and the Emergency Management Unit. The goal of the two units is to prepare and assist Larimer County to handle emergencies and disasters.

Emergency Services Unit

Emergency Services is responsible for the management of wildland fire, search and rescue, and water rescue incidents in Larimer County.

Coordination of these incidents include the Fire Protection Districts and volunteer fire departments in Larimer County, the Larimer County Search and Rescue Team, and Larimer County Dive Rescue Team. Both Larimer County Dive Rescue and Larimer County Search and Rescue are volunteer organizations that provide services 24-hours, year-round. Anyone living in Larimer County is eligible for membership in either organization.

Emergency Services also coordinates "Hug-a-tree" programs designed to provide elementary school children with basic information on how to avoid becoming lost in the wilderness. Children are also advised on how to survive and assist Search and Rescue personnel in locating them if they do become lost.

The Wildland Fire program is comprised of specially trained and certified individuals for the suppression of forest, brush and grass fires that occur in Larimer County. Fire Crew members are paid for suppression work, and all basic training and certifications are provided by Emergency Services for individuals who meet the age and physical requirements.

For more information about the programs and organizations coordinated by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office's Emergency Services Unit please call the information line (970) 498-5312.

Information on emergency events can be found at 498-5500 or

Wildfire Safety Program

Burn Permits

The Larimer County Dive Team

Larimer County Yellow Jackets

The Larimer County Search and Rescue

The Emergency Management Unit

The Emergency Management Office, which reports to the Sheriff and the County Commissioners, plans and directs emergency procedures to protect citizens from natural and human-caused disasters. The Office works with municipalities within Larimer County on preparedness for emergencies including emergency response training and exercises and maintaining an Emergency Operations Center where response agencies coordinate actions and allocate resources in an emergency.

This unit develops plans concerning four major areas: response, mitigation, preparedness and recovery. The EMU's goal is to limit Larimer county’s exposure to emergencies and disasters while managing all aspects of them if they do occur. Through management plans, this unit coordinates the efforts of citizens and teams to prevent and minimize the effects of emergencies and disasters in Larimer County. The EMU is concerned with hazardous materials, floods, avalanches and other such events. The EMU functions as an administrator and facilitator of the efforts in an emergency or disaster situation.

The EMU is also responsible for maintaining hazardous materials records for businesses in Larimer County. Under the SARA Title 3 Act, citizens can have access to records listing those within Larimer County who possess hazardous materials. For more information on obtaining these records call the EMU Specialist at (970) 498-5310.

Current Emergency Information

Local Emergency Planning Committee

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