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News Release

Larimer County Weed Program Funded to Offer Free Noxious Weed Management within High Park Burn Area

Department: Natural Resources
Release Date: Sep 4, 2012

Contact Information:

Larimer County Weed District, 498-5768

 The Larimer County Weed District will receive funding to conduct free weed management on private lands within the High Park burn area beginning in the fall of 2012 and continuing into 2013.  Certain weed species have flourished following the wildfire and are impeding recovery of grasses and re-seeding efforts of desirable vegetation.  The program will focus on the most troublesome weed species in the burn vicinity: leafy spurge, non-native thistles, and knapweed species.  Weed management will consist primarily of backpack or ATV sprayers applying selective herbicides that will not harm grasses. Residents within the burn area can request weed spraying by calling 970-498-5768 to schedule a site visit to confirm identification of the weeds, assessment of the infestation size, and to schedule a time for application. There will be no charge to landowners, and the program will run until the first hard frost in the Fall, 2012, and resume Spring, 2013, continuing until funds expire.

For more information on the Larimer County Weed District please visit our website at: http://www.larimer.org/weeds/


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