Loveland Bike Trail

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space Conditions

Park elevation: 7255'
Report last updated: 3/3/2015

Current Conditions

Park situation


The Horsetooth Mountain (upper lot), Soderberg (lower lot) and Blue Sky trailheads typically are overcapactiy during weekends and holidays.  We recommend carpooling, coming during non-peak times and trying out other less used open spaces.  Please plan accordingly.  Thanks

You can view the trailhead from our new webcam at :

Check out the new automated pay stations at the Horsetooth Mountain, Soderberg and Blue Sky trailheads. The pay station accepts credit and debit cards for purchasing daily permits. Daily permits are $6.00 for the day per vehicle. Annual permits can be purchased online, at several vendors around time or at the gatehouse on the weekends.

If extremely muddy conditions exist, please recreate only on the Towers, Swan Johnson, and Southridge roads/trails (two tracks) to help protect single track trails from damage. Help keep your trails stay in good shape. If there is a muddy area, do not walk around it as this expands the trails.

For Natural Resources events and activities, check out the Events Calendar.

Weather conditions can change rapidly in backcountry areas, especially during fall and winter seasons. Dress in layers, carry extra clothing, and be prepared for windy and wintery weather.


Backcountry camping is permitted at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. There are three designated backcountry sites that can be accessed from the upper Horsetooth Mountain lot. Backcountry camping is on a first come, first served basis.  There is an informational sign along with a sign in sheet near the gatehouse at the trailhead.  You must sign in before you camp.  This is low impact, leave no trace camping. Fires are not allowed. Camping stoves only. To contact a county ranger or for more information call (970) 679-4570.

Trail conditions

Expect snow-packed and icy conditions.  Yak-trax or similar traction devices recommended.

If people go around muddy areas, the trail widens and vegetation is trampled. A widened trail is very difficult and expensive to restore. When wet and muddy conditions exist, please stay on the Tower's trail or Southridge trail to help prevent trail damage. Thank you for helping to keep your open spaces beautiful!

Horsetooth Rock Trail and Horsetooth Falls Trail are foot travel only due to the high use.

Trail maintenance is an ongoing project at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. All trails remain open, however, you may encounter workers during weekdays or select weekends. To assist with Larimer County's Adopt-a-Trail program, please call (970) 619-4552.

Please report any concerns or trail problems to a ranger. Rangers can be contacted at (970) 679-4570.


Mule deer, black bear, bobcat, foxes, and coyotes are fairly common sightings. Mountain lions also reside within the property of Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.  They are a rare sight even though they are year-round residents. Keeping small children close and dogs on leash while hiking is always a smart precaution.

See the Parks and Open Lands event calendar.
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