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Mediation Program (MP)

Your Road Map to Solutions

Mediation is a process of resolving conflict in which an impartial person meets with the participants to facilitate mutually agreed upon solutions. The mediator does not take sides and keeps the focus on the process of problem solving. The participants retain control over the decisions and agreements. The mediator helps develop options and explore alternatives but does not impose decisions on the participants.

Mediation is available at the Hub Monday through Thursday 8 AM-9 PM or Friday 8 AM-5 PM.

When do you mediate?

  • When parents or caregivers feel their child is becoming beyond their control.
  • When parents or caregivers need help in resolving conflict with children.
  • When students are struggling in school.
  • When parents need assistance making decisions regarding child custody.
  • When parents and their children need to discuss co-parenting concerns.
  • When you are a victim of a crime.
  • When a youth wants to take accountability for their offense.

Who Participates?

  • Youth in crisis
  • Parents or Caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Case workers
  • Juvenile offenders
  • Counselors
  • Community members

Why Participate?

  • Participants have input in resolving problems.
  • The environment is cooperative and focused on problem solving.
  • This process saves the participants time.
  • The setting is less formal and more inclusive.
  • The opportunity for a win/win situation.

What to Expect

  • A safe environment.
  • An Impartial Facilitator.
  • Active involvement in the solution process.
  • An opportunity to be heard.
  • Individual pre-mediation meeting.
  • Mutually agreed upon solutions.

How much time will it take?

The length of mediation varies depending a number of things. As a rule a mediation session rarely lasts longer than 2 hours. The mediator will meet with all participants prior to the problem solving session. If additional meetings are necessary, they will be arranged.

Will I be Safe?

The mediator will provide an environment that you will feel safe and encouraged to participate. If at any time safety becomes a concern whether it is physical or verbal, the mediator will reserve the right to stop the process immediately.

What if we do not come to agreement?

Mediation gives participants an opportunity to find solutions in an atmosphere that is designed for problem solving. If an agreement is not reached you have not forfeited any of your legal options.

Is our agreement legally binding?

If the mediation is Court recommended then the Court will uphold any agreements reached.

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