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Family Safety Resource Team (FSRT)

For Families and others involved in a Family Safety & Resource Team Meeting.

A Family Safety & Resource Team Meeting (FSRT) is a meeting held to share information that relates to the protection and safety of the child/youth and/or to make decisions regarding any emergency placement. One of the goals of the FSRT is to ensure a network of support for the child/youth and the adults who care for them while keeping the safety of the child/youth as the main priority.

How is a FSRT scheduled?

The caseworker will explain to the family what a FSRT is and encourage the family to bring others who are a support to them. The caseworker will work together with the family in finding an agreed upon time for the FSRT meeting. The FSRT is held in room 216 at the Larimer County Department of Human Services office at 2555 Midpoint Drive, Suite F, in Fort Collins. (See map on back).

Who participates in a FSRT Meeting?

  • The family.
  • Their extended family or other support persons.
  • Foster parents and/or kin providers (if the child/youth is in placement).
  • Service providers.
  • Other community support representatives (as identified by the family).
  • Caseworker.
  • Supervisor.
  • Foster or kinship worker from the Department.

When is a FSRT Held?

  1. A Department caseworker or supervisor determines there is imminent risk to a child/youth and there is an emergency placement.
  2. Emergency change of placement.
  3. An emergency preservation of a placement.
  4. High risk to child/youth and potential removal.

Additional FSRT Information

  • In cases where child/youth are removed, the FSRT will be held before the initial emergency Juvenile Court hearing.
  • A trained, skilled Department of Human Services facilitator who acts as an impartial party and maintains a safe environment runs the FSRT meeting. The facilitators main responsibility is to help the participants communicate and utilize the strengths within the family to develop a safe plan for the child/youth.
  • The responsibility for the final decision regarding the case falls with The Division of Children, Youth & Family and is based in part on the information gathered at the FSRT and ultimately on the safety and risk influences present for the child/youth.
  • The FSRT is a springboard for referrals for other conferences and meetings including Family Group Conference, Mediation and subsequent FSRT meetings.
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