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Requirements For Installation Of Liquid Propane Gas

General Requirements

All Liquid Propane Gas Facilities shall be readily accessible for inspection, reading, testing, and shutting off the gas supply at all times. All service piping and main supply shut-off valves shall be outside the building. Discharge from Relief Valves shall be into open air and shall be not less than 5 feet horizontally away from any opening into a building which is below such discharge.

Container & Gas Piping Requirements (Above ground containers)

Minimum distance from structure for 125 to 500 gallon tanks is ten (10) feet. For 501 to 2000 gallon, twenty-five (25) feet is required from buildings and property lines. (Diagrams for above ground and below ground tank clearances are available at the Building Department.) Materials allowed for yard piping include copper, PE (only pipe specifically approved for exterior buried piping systems may be used) and factory machine applied coated/wrapped black pipe with the joints of the black pipe wrapped with ten mill tape which is half lapped and double wrapped.

Trenching shall be 18 inches minimum depth cover for copper, PE, and for black pipe. For an above-grade installation, pipe must be 6 inches minimum above grade and protected from damage.

An air pressure test of 30 pounds (psi) for outside propane lines with joints is required to be on the installation when the inspector arrives. If there are NO joints in the trench, no test is required. However, the inspector does need to see the open trench with pipe therein.

The air pressure test for interior piping is 10 pounds (psi). Only black pipe or other approved material is allowed for the interior gas piping.

No gas piping shall be buried under any structure. It is not allowed in or under any exterior slab, unless, it is sleeved and prior approval has been given for such installation.

LIQUID PROPANE APPLIANCES: All appliances are to be installed per the manufacturer's listed requirements.

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