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Requests for Bids and Proposals

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Current Bids and Proposals

Due Date Number Title Documents Contact
06/03/2015 P15-17 Office on Aging - Support Services

All questions regarding this proposal must be in writing and should go to Mr. Les Brown, Purchasing Agent I, at (970) 498-5954. Questions are due no later than 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Questions may be emailed to Les Brown at Please call to verify receipt of your questions. No additional questions will be accepted after the date and time referenced above.

Les Brown, Purchasing Agent
06/04/2015 P15-10 Auditing Services

Please notice the new close date.

Les Brown, Purchasing Agent
06/08/2015 B15-08 Fish Creek Water Association Water Line Project - Local Improvement District (LID) 2013-3

The engineer’s estimate early on in the project (June 2013) upon which the Association based its decision to proceed with securing the loan was $258,330… with a 20% contingency came to $309,996.

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Current notification list

Les Brown, Purchasing Agent

Past Solicitations

Number Title Award
P15-16 Office on Aging - Legal Services
B15-05 PN9320, Culvert 23-0.15-50E (Mill Creek)
B15-07 PN 9414 Non-County Maintained Road Repairs - Cedar Park to Estes Park Award Info
P15-15 Office on Aging – Nutrition Services
P15-12 Non-Paved Road Maintenance Services for the Storm Mountain Public Improvement District - Drake, Colorado Area Award Info
B15-06 Berthoud Estates Wastewater Treatment Facility
P15-08 Transportation Capital Expansion Fee Plan Study
P15-13 Office on Aging Grant Funded Services: Transportation Services
P15-07 Inmate Psychological Services Award Info
P15-03 Video Display Replacement Project at The Ranch Award Info
P15-05 Pharmacy Benefit Manager
P15-04 Medical Plan Administration
P15-06 Medical Clinic Management
P15-01 Public Record and Document Recording Solution
B15-03 Stacked Card-Operated Washers/Dryers Award Info
B15-04 Corrugated Metal Pipe Award Info
P15-02 Re-Solicitation - Inmate Extradition and Transport Services Award Info
B15-02 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Award Info
B15-01 Poudre River Trail from Gateway Trailhead to Stonefly Drive Award Info
B14-29 Emergency Vehicle Accessories Award Info
B14-28 The Pinewood Springs Road & Bridges, Project Numbers 9300, 9329, 9331 Award Info
B14-27 Proj #301, North Shields Street Road & Bridge Improvements Award Info
P14-12 Building Support Equipment Services Award Info
P14-11 Office on Aging - Grant Funded Services Vision Services Award Info
B14-25 Big Thompson River Pedestrian Bridge & Moodie Temporary Crossing Award Info
B14-24 Justice Center, Courthouse, and Jail Security Services Award Info
P14-10 Tax Increment Financing Consulting Services Award Info
B14-22 Video Production System Upgrade at the Ranch Award Info
B14-23 Permanent Road Repairs to September 2013 Flood Damaged sites - Big Thompson Canyon Award Info
B14-19 Pinewood Reservoir Campground Vault Toilets Award Info
P14-04 Miscellaneous Asphalt, Concrete & Construction Services Award Info
B14-21 Work Zone Traffic Control Services Award Info
P14-08 Recyclables Processing and Marketing Services Award Info
B14-10 Permanent Road Repairs to September 2013 Flood Damaged Sites - Estes Park Area Award Info
PPR-01 Request for General Contractor Pre-Qualification Applications Award Info
P14-07 Hazardous Structure Demolition Services At 1722 Hwy 34 In Drake Colorado Award Info
P13-08 Inmate Extraditions & Transport Services Award Info
P14-06 All-Hazard Mitigation Plan Consulting Services Award Info
P14-01 Big Thompson Canyon Recreation & Conservation Assessment Award Info
B14-18 Recycle Center Scale Replacement Project Award Info
B14-20 Pinewood Reservoir Campground Enhancements Award Info
B14-16 2014 Resurfacing Program Award Info
B14-17 Purchase of a Hot Asphalt Tanker Trailer Award Info
B14-15 Trash Removal Services Award Info
B14-14 Purchase of Prepaid Visa or MasterCard cards Award Info
B14-13 Purchase of Polymerized and Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion Award Info
B14-11 Lift Station and Force Main Project at River Glen / Riverside Farm Award Info

Expired bids will remain here for 1 year following their due date.

General Information

General questions regarding any of the above requests can be directed to:

Larimer County Purchasing Director
200 W. Oak Street
Suite 4000
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 498-5956

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