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News Release

Larimer County - Final Day to Affiliate for Caucus is January 6.

Department: Clerk & Recorder
Release Date: Dec 31, 2013

Contact Information:

Angela Myers, Larimer County Clerk & Recorder 970/498-7852
Elections Office: 970/498-7820


Residents of Larimer County are reminded that, if they want to participate in precinct caucus day, they must affiliate with a political party by Monday, January 6th. Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Angela Myers explains, “State law requires that citizens be registered with a party for two months prior to caucus in order to participate.”
Also, due to changes in state legislation, precinct caucus day is now held on the first Tuesday in March in every even-numbered year. The next precinct caucus day is March 4th.
Caucus is coordinated by the local political parties. Registered voters who attend the caucus are eligible to be chosen as delegates to the County, State, or Congressional Assemblies. Issues may be discussed and committee people chosen to represent the precinct. There will also be an opportunity to sign up as an election judge for your precinct.


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