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Rabies Positive Tests in Larimer County for 2014

Important information before reading the maps: The numbers of animals on these maps are just a portion of how many rabid animals are in Larimer County. There are numerous other rabid animals throughout the County, including neighborhoods, unincorporated areas, foothills and mountain communities, that are NOT on these maps. These maps only show where animals have been trapped and tested positive for rabies. Not all reported animals are tested and/or trapped. Some animals are never reported. Many rabid wild animals die in hiding and are not seen.

These maps are merely a guide and can be useful to see where clusters of rabid animals are located. It's important to note that a rabid animals may show up anywhere in Larimer County and at any time.

Click on markers to get more information about the rabies incident.

= Bat = Skunk = Bison = Raccoon = Fox = Cat

Larimer County 2014 Rabies Positive
Total skunks: 1
Total bats: 8
Total bison: 0
Total raccoons: 0
Total foxes: 0
Total cats: 0

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