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Herbicide Sales and Sprayers for Loan

PLEASE NOTE! Some changes have been made to the sprayer loan program which can be found below, be sure to read this section to become familiar with them. Reservations are required on all sales and sprayer loans so please call (970) 498-5768 BEFORE you arrive for pick up.

ALL Larimer County residents may purchase herbicide through our Mulberry Street office. Herbicides offered are labeled and effective for the control of noxious weed species. Staff can recommend appropriate product, mixing instructions, and rates for each of your problem species. Please call ahead for an appointment.

The Larimer County Weed District has a variety of sprayers for loan. Please read the following descriptions to decide which sprayer is best for you. All county landowners are welcome to borrow a sprayer. Instructions are provided with each sprayer, and we are also available to offer advice on its usage. A user fee will be charged for use of the 25-gallon sprayers as well as the 65-gallon and 110-gallon trailer sprayers. Although we spend a significant amount of time cleaning and calibrating all our sprayers, it is important that everyone calibrate their sprayer before each application. This will insure proper herbicide application with less risk of error. Please refer to this link Herbicide Sprayer Calibration for proper calibrating procedures.

photo of 25 gallon sprayer The 25-gallon sprayer has a 25 gallon tank with a handgun attached to approximately 30 feet of hose. It is designed to lay in a pickup bed or on an ATV. The pump is equipped with two electrical cables that are long enough to run from the bed of a pickup to the truck battery under the hood. This tank will cover about 1 acre. The convenience and ease in using these sprayers makes them one of our most popular, so availability may be limited and reservation is required. Please call for price and availability.
photo of 65 gallon sprayer The 65-gallon trailer sprayer is equipped with turf tires that are gentle on any surface and are easily pulled by a lawn tractor or ATV. A pump, powered by a small gas engine, pressurizes the tank. These sprayers have a handgun with 30 feet of hose and a fold-out boom that sprays an 8 foot wide swath and the tank is calibrated to cover approximately 4.2 acres with a full tank. We also have a 110-gallon sprayer available that has the same hook-ups but does NOT have a handgun sprayer. It is calibrated to cover approximately 6.5 acres with a full tank. You must pick these up. The trailers are DOT approved. All you need is a vehicle with a 2 inch ball hitch and a 4 prong female electric connection.

The calibration information given here is how we have them calibrated at servicing. It is important that each person who borrows a sprayer does their own calibration for accuracy and consistency. There is a link to a printable guide for boom, boomless, or handgun sprayer calibration at the bottom of the page. For more information, to purchase herbicide or to reserve a sprayer, you must call ahead at (970) 498-5768.

Herbicide Sprayer Calibration

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