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Program Presentations and Tours

The Colorado State University/Larimer County Agriculture Extension agent organizes several meetings every year that address weed identification and management, and small acreage pasture management. The times and locations are posted through the Larimer County Agriculture Extension Service , information can also be obtained by calling the Extension office at (970) 498-6003.

Staff from the Larimer County Weed District, are available to give on-site presentations on noxious weed identification and management to HOA's, schools, agencies, or any other interested groups or organizations. Presentations can be by Power Point slide shows or an outside venue in the field identifying plants and giving best management recommendations.

The Larimer County Weed District and Colorado State University Weed Science Department are working cooperatively to establish weed management study areas around the county. Sites have been established to investigate chemical control treatments for cheatgrass, volunteer rye, leafy spurge, Canada thistle, Russian knapweed, tamarisk, and Russian olive. Additionally, an insect bio-control study on Dalmatian toadflax has been established.

Tours of the demonstration sites are available to interested groups. Attendees have the opportunity to see weed management results from standard herbicide treatments as well as soon-to-be-labeled products. Study sites are located on range and pasture locations, so impact on grasses and other desirable species as well as weed control can be assessed. Information derived from the trials can be obtained through the Larimer County Weed District. Such information is used to help establish recommendations for best management practices.

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