Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson


Weeds of the West, Whitson et al. - One of the most extensively read weed identification books published. Life cycles and identification characteristics of more than 350 species considered weedy across the western U.S.

Wildflowers and Other Plants of the Larimer County Foothills Region, Larimer County Department of Natural Resources - A local field guide that is geared toward the amateur and expert alike. Highlights include over 100 species of local wildflowers, grasses and woody plants, comparison pages of similar species, genus pages and a convenient size (4"x 6").

Biology and Management of Noxious Rangeland Weeds, Roger Sheley. - Description of the most important noxious weed species in western U.S. and various methods of management.

Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the United States, Eric Coombs. - A review of biological control agents and effectiveness for management of noxious weeds. Includes techniques for release, identification of agents and symptoms, monitoring, and geographical range.

Invasive Plants of Range and Wildlands and Their Environmental, Economic, and Societal Impacts, Celestine Duncan. - Summarizes scientific literature regarding economic, environmental, and societal losses to range and wildlands caused by 16 key invasive plants in the U.S.

Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West, Joe Ditomaso. - Life cycles and identification characteristics of aquatic and riparian weeds.

Horse Brochure - "Colorado's Poisonous Menace - Do You Know What Your Horse is Eating?"Vie Brochure

Biological Control of Noxious Weeds in Colorado,

Noxious Weeds of Colorado - A 210 page spiral-bound booklet featuring photos and descriptions of Colorado's noxious weeds. Colorado Weed Management Association

Garden Smart Colorado - A booklet highlighting native and non-invasive alternatives to some ornamental noxious weeds. Colorado Weed Management Association

Weeds of the Great Plains, James Stubbendeck, Mitchell Coffen, L.M. Landholt - Descriptions and pictures of weeds from the Great Plains.

Aquatic Nuisance Species Pocket Guide, Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Thistles of Colorado, Larimer County Weed District

Knapweeds of Colorado, Larimer County Weed District

Weed Management Reference Guide, Larimer County Weed District

Fundamentals of Weed Science, Robert L. Zimdahl - A comprehensive textbook for understanding all concepts of weed science.

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