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Transparency at Larimer County

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Transparency - citizens must be able to "see through" government workings, to know exactly what goes on when public officials transact public business. This site is intended to provide links to information on the Virtual Courthouse website that allows citizens access to such information. We believe transparency also includes letting citizens know all the ways you can let public officials know what you think when you "look through" government workings, so we've added that information as well.

Financial Information

How are public funds used and why? Accountability to you is important.


Transparency includes not only knowing when meetings are, but knowing how to find minutes and videos of meetings after the fact. We also have links for current press releases, information you can sign up to receive (subscription services), reports, maps and plans, as well as calendar events, citizens meetings, how to make comments, and more. We also have information on our survey pages so you can find out what other citizens think.

Employee Compensation & Benefits

We want citizens to know that public employees are appropriately compensated and that we have policies to prevent excessive compensation.

Property and Development

We regularly receive questions from citizens about property values, records, and projects so we want to make these pages easy to use.

Public Safety

Safety is important to all citizens. We know you define safety according to what is important to you so we've included a variety of pages that provide basic safety information.


  • Larimer County does not directly hire lobbyists.
  • Larimer County pays dues to Colorado Counties Inc. which advocates for the majority of Colorado Counties (by vote).
  • As part of our staff responsibilities we do educate the legislature on our services and how Larimer County is impacted by legislation.
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