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ID: 476   Event: CSU Master's Research Project- Floristic Survey
Application Date: 09/27/2011    Event Date: 10/01/2011   Thru: 11/30/2013
Organization: Colorado State University, Dept of Biology   Phone: 970-491-7011
Address: Fort Collins, CO 80523
Contact 1 Name: Jenna McAleer
Address: 419 Edwards St. Apt A
Fort Collins CO 80524
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Permit Type(s): Parks and Open Spaces
Type of Event: Research
Red Mountain Open Space

I am planning, upon approval, to perform a complete floristic survey of Red Mountain Open Space (and Soapstone Prairie) for my Master's Thesis Project at Colorado State University. I have been working closely with both Dr. Mark Simmons (CSU Botany Professor) and Jennifer Ackerfield (CSU Herbarium Manager) to develop my project. To our understanding, both of these areas are in need of floristic inventorying due to the high biodiversity of the region, the presence of federally listed rare and/or endangered species, and the absence of a comprehensive species list with vouchered, georeferenced herbarium specimens. I intend to conduct my fieldwork from October 2011 - November 2013, with the exception of when the area is closed from December - February. This will provide me with the opportunity to sample as much of the region as possible during spring, summer and fall seasons. I will be visiting the site on a weekly basis throughout the standard school year (August-May), and then most likely on a daily, or every other day basis, throughout the summer months (May-August). This is an individual research project and therefore I will be the only one accessing the area under the permit. There is a possibility that I may have one qualified assistant helping me throughout the summer months, but this has yet to be determined. The nature of the project will require access to the entire area within Red Mountain Open Space boundaries and will require off-trail usage to completely survey the area.
My research will specifically involve collecting entire plant specimens and then creating herbarium vouchers that will be curated in CSU's herbarium for further referencing or researching. However, I will not be collecting any rare or endangered species, or those with populations smaller than 4 in any given locale. When such a situation is encountered, I will simply take the appropriate field notes, and then photograph and georeference the specimens. It will not be necessary for me to install transects or any other type of similar instrument throughout the duration of my study.
I am not personally affiliated with Denver Botanic Gardens, but my advisors, Mark Simmons and Jennifer Ackerfield, both have close contacts there. Also, Jennifer Ackerfield started a similar research project within the last few years, but due to the scope of the project and lack of time and volunteers, was unable to successfully complete the survey. If approved, I will be taking over where she has left off. At the end of my research project, I will have inventoried the entire local flora of Red Mountain Open Space (and Soapstone Prairie). I will also compile data on each plant species’ distribution, abundance, soil type and associated species, which, together with the preserved specimens, will be available for future research and/or Red Mountain Open Space preservation and conservation efforts.

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   Sat. 10/01/2011: 7 AM - 7 PM


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