Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Big Trucks

The Larimer County Landfill uses lots of different kinds of equipment to operate and maintain the landfill. Below are pictures of the equipment we use. Also listed are the names and descriptions of each vehicle. Can you match the photos on the left with the correct description on the right? Just click on the photo to see if you're right!

photo of equipment Grader - Used to keep our landfill roads in good shape. Also helps keep the "working face" - the area where the trash is being dumped that day - smooth and in good shape for all the garbage trucks and others that come use the landfill.
photo of equipment Compactor - The compactor runs back and forth over the trash all day, smashing it down ("compacting" it) into a thin, even layer. This helps us save space at the landfill.
photo of equipment Bulldozer - Keeps trash within the working face boundaries, so that it doesn't spread all over the place.
photo of equipment Track Loader - Spreads dirt over the trash at the end of the day. This dirt cover (called "daily cover") helps keep trash from getting blown by the wind, controls odors, keeps rats and birds away, and prevents fires. The track loader is also used to separate large items, such as refrigerators or big tree trunks, from the rest of the trash. (These items are managed differently.)
photo of equipment Scraper - Collects dirt from other parts of the landfill property and unloads it near the working face to be used as daily cover.
photo of equipment Slurry Truck - This is used to spray a different form of daily cover over the trash. It sprays what's called "alternative daily cover," a material made from recycled newspapers. We use the alternative daily cover several days a week instead of the dirt cover. It serves the same purpose as the dirt, but we don't have to use as much of it, so it helps us save landfill space.
Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.