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Roads in Red Feather Lakes

The issue of "traveled ways" is central to many of the challenges facing Red Feather Lakes property owners. Questions are constantly being raised about the location and status of roads. The Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) has worked with Larimer County Commissioner Kathay Rennels, and staff from County Engineering, Planning and the County Attorney's Office to develop a solution. The PAC has developed a proposal to provide an accurate, legal survey and description for nine major "traveled ways" and to designate them as public roads. The roads included are:

  • Main St.
  • Fire House Ln.
  • Grand Dr. (short segment)
  • Hiawatha Hwy.
  • Ramona Dr.
  • Letitia Dr.
  • Eagle Tree Cir.
  • Nokomis Rd.
  • Monoma Rd.

Adopted Resolution
History of Red Feather Lakes Planning, PAC and Roads
Red Feather Lakes Roads Map
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Questions and Answers Regarding Public Right-of-Way in the Red Feather Lakes Area

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