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Project Number 9386
County road 43 (Devil's Gulch Road) Reconstruction

Last Updated: September 19, 2015


The September 2013 flooding of the North Fork of the Big Thompson River severely damaged much of County Road 43 (Devil's Gulch Road) between Drake and Glen Haven - completely destroying the roadway through much of the "narrows". The road has been partially rebuilt providing full access but is interim.

This project will reconstruct the full 10.5 mile length of the road from US Highway 34 to West Creek Road. The roadway (asphalt) width will be 28' from US 34 to the "Rainbow Ranch" curve (about 3 miles west of US 34) then reduce to 24' through the narrows to Glen Haven. Several new crossings of the North Fork (replacing the temporary culverts) will be required. Additional right-of-way will be required almost the full length of the project.

The Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration will design, construct and fund the project in it's entirety.

Project Budget: $42,000,000


Construction is underway. A public meeting was held September 30, 2014, to provide information and answer questions regarding this project. The meeting was broadcast live via the Town of Estes Park's web site. The video is available to view at

For more information, call 800-536-4403 or visit


Erich Purcell, Project Manager
(970) 498-5733
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