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Project Number 9323
County Road 27 (Buckhorn Road) Flood Repair

Last Updated: September 19, 2014


To repair the damage done to County Road 27 (Buckhorn Road) by the September 2013 flood the following work will is planned on that road between Masonville and Stove Prairie:

  • At the Buckhorn Creek bridge 2.1 miles north of CR 38E extensive riprap will be placed to repair and prevent scour. Two of the concrete wingwalls will be extended and approach guardrail will be installed.

  • At the temporary low water crossings (dips) on the Buckhorn 4.0, 6.1 and 8.0 miles north of CR 38E concrete box girder bridges (67' to 80' in length) will be constructed. Channel riprap and approach guardrail will installed. Temporary by-pass detours will be constructed at each site.

  • Several hundred feet of roadside streambank stabilization will be required along Buckhorn Creek at a location approximately 7.7 miles north of CR 38E.

  • Reconstruct 1.7 miles of the roadway through the "narrows" - from the above mentioned 8.0 mile bridge to just north of Ohana Way. Four 20'x10' concrete box culverts and approximately 50,000 cubic yards of rock excavation (blasting) are required to provide a 24' wide roadway (no shoulders) elevated and protected from the 5-year flood

FEMA will provide 75% of the funding for the project while the state Office of Emergency Management and the county will each provide 12.5%.

Project Budget: $16,000,000


Temporary detour above and to the north of the narrows was to be constructed prior to the project but has been scrapped because of failed right-of-way negotiations.


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