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How Does The TDU Program Work?

Donath Lake
Donath Lake area land where TDUs have been sold.
This area between Fort Collins and Loveland will
remain undeveloped.
There are two main components to the TDU program, a sending area where TDUs are transferred from, and a receiving area where TDUs are sent to. Development projects in the receiving area create the demand for TDU transfers from parcels in the sending area. Prior to receiving final approval, receiving area projects must show evidence of acquired development rights in the form of TDUs. The number of TDUs that must be acquired is determined by subtracting the number of residential units allowed by County zoning from the total number of residential units proposed. This number is then divided by the "transfer ratio" of 1.5.

For example, if the developer of a receiving area project 80 acres in size proposes 355 residential units (a density desired by the City of Fort Collins, which will ultimately annex the project), the number of TDUs needed in order to proceed would be:

  • County zoning allows 40 units on 80 acres
  • Developer proposes 255 units, or 4.4 units per acre
  • 355 minus 40 equals 315
  • 315 divided by 1.5 equals 210

The receiving area developer would need to acquire 210 TDUs from sending area landowners.

These flow charts summarize the processes:

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