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Setback Certification

Setback certification verifies the location of a proposed building. When a person applies for a building permit, they provide a plot plan that shows where the proposed building will be located on the property. As part of the building permit review process, the plot plan is reviewed by a planner to make sure that the building location meets setback and other location requirements. In some cases the actual location of the building on the property has to be verified by submitting a setback certificate.

  • When is Setback Certification required?

    Whenever a proposed building is less than 5 feet beyond the required setback or building envelope boundary or if a setback variance has been approved for that building, then the owner will be required to certify the building location.

    The setback certification is provided prior to foundation pour for a building. It is usually based on the location of holes or footers for the foundation.

  • Who can do a Setback Certification?

    Setback Certification must be done by a surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Colorado. The certification itself, usually in the form of a letter, must be signed by and include the seal of the licensed surveyor who checked the building location on site. The letter also must include the building permit number issued for the site in question.

Property owners and citizens are strongly advised to contact the County Planning Department for specific information about setbacks. If you would like more specific information or if you have a question that's not answered here, please contact the Larimer County Planning Department at (970)498-7679 or send us email.

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