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Accessory Dwellings: Second homes & guest quarters

Property owners often ask about having an additional dwelling or guest quarters on their property. Section 4.3.10 of the County's Land Use Code has several options for accessory dwellings to address common needs for additional living space:

  • Accessory living area ("guest quarters") (Section 4.3.10.H.)
  • Extended Family Dwellings (Section 4.3.10.I.)
  • Farmstead Dwellings (Section 4.3.10.A.1.)

When it comes to accessory dwellings, these options address different situations. Please note that approval of a land use process and/or building permit is required prior to use. It is also important to note that accessory dwellings cannot be used for rental income and must not be rented separately from the single family dwelling.

Accessory Dwelling
Units Handout

See the Accessory Dwelling Units handout for a summary of the available options. Detailed information for these options can be found in Section 4.3.10. of the Land Use Code.

Do your "homework"! If you want to add an accessory dwelling to your property, please contact the Planning Department at 970-498-7679 or by email for assistance regarding the options that are available. We also recommend that property owners research the following topics:

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If you would like more specific information or if you have a question that's not answered here, please contact the Larimer County Planning Department at 970-498-7679 or send us email.

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