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Land Use Code Section 4.3.10.B.

A home occupation is a business use conducted as a customary, incidental and accessory use in the resident's dwelling unit, attached garage or detached building, including office work, the making of art or crafts, trade uses, the providing of personal or professional services and similar activities, including retail sales of products produced on the premises and products clearly incidental, secondary and ancillary to the home occupation. Uses specifically excluded from home occupations include vehicle repair or similar activities.

There are two levels of home occupation uses, those that are "Use by Right" and those that require approval through a Public Site Plan Review.

Prohibited uses: Vehicle repair or similar activities [The repair and maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, or similar vehicles including but not limited to engine, body, fender, muffler, or upholstery work, oil change and lubrication, painting, tire service and sales, or installation of equipment.]

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