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Accessory Rural Occupation
Land Use Code Section 4.3.10.P.

Accessory rural occupations are intended to support agricultural and rural enterprises with reasonable operational characteristics, scale, and intensity so that they function as accessory to the principle use on the property without negatively impacting the enjoyment of life, investments and rural living expectations on neighboring properties.

Where are Accessory Rural Occupations allowed?

Outside of Growth Management Area (GMA) overlay zone districts on property zoned FA- Farming, FA-1 Farming, FO- Forestry, FO-1 Forestry, O-Open, or RE- Rural Estate; property must be at least 2 acres in size

There are two levels of accessory rural occupation uses, those that are "Use by Right" and those that require approval through a Public Site Plan Review.

Prohibited uses: Accommodation uses, Adult uses, Auto body or paint shops, Community halls, Flea markets, General industrial uses, General retail, Hazardous material storage and/or processing, Junkyards, Pet animal facilities with outdoor uses, Shooting ranges, Solid waste disposal or transfer centers, Uses prohibited by State or Federal law, Value-added agriculture, Uses classified as hazardous waste generators under State or Federal legislation, Outdoor storage of recreational vehicles, boats, and other large items. See Land Use Code Section 4.3 for descriptions of these uses.

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