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Animal Regulations

Pet Animal Facilities

A Pet Animal Facility is "Any place or premise used for the keeping of pet animals for the purpose of adoption, breeding, boarding, day care, training, grooming, handling, selling, sheltering, trading or otherwise transferring such animals." A Pet Animal Facility also includes keeping any individual animals for breeding stock. A Foster Home for Pet Animals is excluded from this definition. Section 4.3.1.O. of the Land Use Code provides the details on this use.

Which Zone Districts allow pet animal facilities?

FA- Farming, FA-1 Farming, FO- Forestry, FO-1 Forestry, O-Open,
RE- Rural Estate, AP- Airport, B- Business, C- Commercial, I- Industrial

Approval from Larimer County is needed before operating a pet animal facility business. Contact the Planning Department at (970) 498-7679 to get started with the review process. Pet animal facilities also are regulated state-wide by the Colorado Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA); see the link for the Colorado Department of Agriculture under the Additional Resources and Information section below.

The table below indicates which Larimer County review process is needed based on facility size and indoor/outdoor use areas:

Pet Animal Facilities
Minor Special Review Special Review Site Plan review
All Indoor use area up to 2,500 sq. ft. X
All Indoor use area, 2,501 sq. ft. or more X
All Indoor use area (any size) in B, C, and I zone districts X
Outdoor animal use area, any size X

Veterinary Facilities

Veterinary Facilities provide medical treatment for pet animals and livestock. Veterinary Facilities regulations are different from Pet Animal Facilities.

If you would like more specific information or if you have a question that's not answered here, please contact the Larimer County Planning Department at 970-498-7679 or send an email.

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