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Animal Regulations


Personal Chickens ("Backyard Chickens"):

A property owner may raise chickens for their own use if there is a residential use on the property. Keeping chickens for personal use is considered to be accessory to the residential use.

Which Zone Districts allow a "Farm"?

  • FA- Farming
  • FA-1 Farming
  • FO- Forestry
  • FO-1 Forestry
  • O-Open
  • E- Estate
  • E-1 Estate
  • RE- Rural Estate
  • RE-1 Rural Estate
  • R- Residential
  • AP- Airport

The following requirements apply to keeping "backyard chickens":

  • An owner or tenant may keep up to 6 chicken hens.
  • No roosters and no more than 6 chicken hens are allowed in all zone districts except those that allow a farm.
  • Coop and outdoor enclosure standards:
    1. The chickens must be provided with a covered, properly ventilated, predator-resistant chicken coop.
    2. The chickens must have access to an outdoor enclosure that is adequately fenced to protect them from predators.
    3. The coop and enclosure are limited to a maximum size of 120 square feet.
    4. The chicken coop and outdoor enclosure shall be regularly cleaned to control dust, odor, and waste and not constitute a nuisance, safety hazard, or health problem to surrounding properties.

Commercial Poultry Farm: The Land Use Code defines a commercial poultry farm as "A facility devoted to the raising of any type of fowl for the sale of birds or their byproducts, not to include hunting clubs. " Raising chickens (or other fowl) as a commercial operation is not a use by right in any zone district in Larimer County. Special Review approval is required before a commercial poultry farm can be established.

If you would like more specific information or if you have a question that's not answered here, please contact the Larimer County Planning Department at (970)498-7679 or send an email.

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