Changing Aspen Leaves - RMNP

Ramsay-Shockey Open Space Conditions

Report last updated: 11/23/2015

Current Conditions

photo from park
Pinewood Reservoir from Ramsey-Shockey Open Space
Park situation

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Trail Conditions 
All trails are OPEN. During the late fall/winter expect wet trail conditions.
Ramsey Shockey is a great open space to escape the crowds! 

Weather conditions can change rapidly. Dress in layers, carry extra clothing, and be prepared for cold and wet weather.

Raptor/bird sightings
Ravens, crows, red-tailed hawks, spotted towhees, yellow-breasted chats, pygmy nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, wood pewees, common mergansers, and the occasional golden eagle have been spotted along the trails and reservoir.

Keep an eye out for fishing Osprey when in the area!

Two osprey nesting platforms have been installed on the south side of the reservoir as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Mule deer, mountain lion, elk, coyote, fox, and black bear frequent this open space.

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Background Image: Changing Aspen Leaves in Rocky Mountain National Park by Jeremy Hollis. All rights reserved.