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Hermit Park Open Space Conditions

Report last updated: 5/30/2016

Current Conditions

Park situation

Hermit Park Open Space is OPEN!


 You may purchase Daily Entrance Vehicle Permits at the Hermit Ranger Office just past the entrance to Hermit Park Open Space. If the office is closed, Daily Entrance Vehicle Permits may be purchased at the automated pay station with a credit or debit card (VISA/MC). Please park in designated spots only.


All roads and hiking trails are accessible and in good condition.


While camping or recreating in the park, please do not tie or attach anything to the trees. This includes hammocks, tarps, tents etc. 


Weather conditions can change rapidly. Dress in layers, carry extra clothing, and be prepared for cold, wet, and stormy weather.


For Natural Resources events and activities, check out the Events Calendar!


Camping reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance. 

The Hermit Park Visitor Services office is open select days only.

We offer an automated pay station for those who enter the park to purchase a daily pass using a debit or credit card. (VISA or MasterCard)

Also available at the entrance to Hermit Park is a (Yellow) Camping information self serve card that will allow you to choose an available camp site. The Rangers will be by your site to assist you if needed. Cabins can be reserved on line or calling the reservation number below. For any other assistance or questions call: Hermit Park's direct number at (970) 577-2090 or our Admin Office at (970)619-4570.

For reservations, call (800) 397-7795 or visit www.larimercamping.com

RESERVED A CABIN?    If you can not arrive by closing time of the Visitor Services office, please call 970-577-2090 to get directions on how to get your cabin key after hours.


Hermit Park Open Space is home to a wide variety of wildlife! 


Please use care in storing your food stuff! A cooler alone is not sufficient as a storage device. Always be sure you are bear aware and careful with your food supplies while you are camping.

Park events

Questions?  Call:  (970) 619-4570

See the Parks and Open Lands event calendar.
Background Image: Dream Lake frozen over in Rocky Mountain National Park by Bryce Bradford. All rights reserved.