Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Open Lands Acquisitions

The Board of County Commissioners and the Open Lands Advisory Board utilized extensive public input to identify priority areas for protection. It is not the intention of Larimer County to acquire all land within these priority areas. Acquisition depends on willing landowners and available funding as well as identified priorities. For a more complete discussion of acquisition priorities and priority areas, please access the Larimer County Open Lands Master Plan .

Berthoud / Loveland Separator
Ryan Gulch Conservation Easement 378.6 acres
Big Thompson River Corridor
Block Conservation Easement 35 acres
Kauffman Conservation Easement 73.6 acres
Sylvan Dale Conservation Easements 940.7 acres
Blue Mountain Conservation Area (map)
Blue Mountain Bison Ranch Conservation Easement 4100 acres
Chimney Hollow Open Space 1847 acres
Harper Conservation Easement 240 acres
Ramsay-Shockey Open Space 177 acres
Buckeye / Waverly Agricultural
Buckeye Conservation Easement 494 acres
Miller-Simon Conservation Easement 70 acres
Buckhorn / Redstone (map)
Culver (Horsetooth Mountain Park and Open Space) 287.9 acres
Hughey (Horsetooth Mountain Park and Open Space) 282 acres
Devil's Backbone to Horsetooth (map)
Devil's Backbone Open Space 2198.3 acres
Rimrock Open Space 746 acres
Siefke Conservation Easement 35 acres
Soderberg Homestead (Horsetooth Mountain Park and Open Space) 114 acres
Estes Valley (map)
American Legion Property 1.6 acres
Bikle .9 acres
Childers / Henning Conservation Easement 160 acres
Enos Mills Conservation Easement 192 acres
Homer Rouse Memorial Trail 1.5 miles
Lake Estes Trail 3.75 miles
Lily Lake / Roessler 18.2 acres
Lily Lake Water and Recreation Rights  
Lion Gulch Trailhead  
Knoll - Willows 19.6 acres
Smitherman Conservation Easement 520 acres
Fort Collins / Loveland Corridor (map)
Cathy Fromme Prairie 240 acres
Coyote Ridge Natural Area 839.3 acres
Prairie Ridge Natural Area 792 acres
Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space 833.5 acres
Heinricy 30 acres
Long View Farm Open Space 599.4 acres
Laramie Foothills (map)
Eagles Nest Open Space 827 acres
Red Mountain Open Space 13,448 acres
Roberts Ranch Conservation Easement 4,960 acres
Tepee Rings Conservation Easement 504 acres
Little Thompson River
Little Thompson Farm 211 acres
Red-Tail Ridge Open Space 335.1 acres
Poudre River Valley
Fonken Conservation Easements 70 acres
Lions Open Space 20 acres
River Bluffs Open Space 161 acres
Wellington Agricultural Land
Bee-Weber Conservation Easement 208.9 acres
Kerbel Conservation Easement 83 acres
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