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Larimer County Offices, Courts, District Attorney, Landfill, Household Hazardous Waste, and Recycle Center are all closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.
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NYPUM is an Experiential Therapy program for children and youth ages 10-16. NYPUM staff have been trained by Honda and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to teach kids to ride minibikes (off-road motorcycles). After the youth learn to ride the motorcycle, they are expected to earn riding time by achieving three goals each week. Often the families develop goals around achieving good grades at school, attending school each day, following rules at home, and learning to control aggression. The families and youth track these goals each week and report to NYPUM staff their progress. Three goals typically translate into two hours of riding each week. Some groups include a Multi Family Parenting Group. Weekend rides are part of the NYPUM experience, happening approximately four times per six month group. Depending on weather, Larimer County NYPUM has a camping trip at the end of each group. Sometimes it is a weekend of alternative activities, and other times a trip into the mountains.

Upcoming Events

The Moose Run Dual Sport Rally -- August 3-5, 2012

The Moose Run Dual Sport Rally is an AMA sanctioned dual sport event hosted by the Front Range Riders to support the Larimer County NYPUM program! The event will take place in Walden, Colorado. It will be held August 3-5 2012. There is a 250 rider cap on the event so make sure that you register early at Front Range Riders Rallies page. Registration begins February 1, 2012. Check-in will begin August 3rd from 3:00-8:00pm. There will be guided trail rides starting Saturday morning and continuing on Sunday for riders of all skill levels.

  • The Northern Colorado Trail Riders will be hosting the A loop, which consists of more advanced trail riding and a little pavement.
  • The Front Range Riders will host the B loop which will be more intermediate off trails with a little more pavement.
  • The Twisted Shaft Motorcycle Club will host the C loop which will consist of easier dirt routes and more pavement than the A and B loops (perfect for larger bikes like GS1200's or those that just want to take in all the views offered in North Park area)

All bikes need to be plated and there will be DB testing as well. A BBQ on Saturday night is included with the registration fee. Also there will be free RV parking and tent camping available (no hook ups). It will be a weekend of fun for riders and their families as there will be plenty of activities in Walden for families to get involved in. If you have never been to the North Park area then you need check it out and ride some of the best trails and scenic roads that Colorado has to offer. For more info and registration, visit Front Range Riders

Wild Ones Poker Run -- August 28, 2011

The Wild Ones Poker Run is the big fund raising effort that NYPUM runs each year in an effort to pay for extra expenses. The traditional poker run is an organized event using a motorcycle/car/whatever you've got, where participants travel over a pre-designated route and, at designated stops on the route, draw playing cards. The Dual Sport version is set up similar to a scavenger hunt. Riders are given a route sheet that asks questions along the route and your correct answers earn you cards at the ending spot. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. Prizes are awarded for the best hand, second best and sometimes worst hand! NYPUM makes money through the registration fees and donations. Please enter into our Wild Ones Poker Run web site for more information about how you can participate or donate.

Realities Ride & Rally -- Memorial Day weekend

Also be sure to check out the NYPUM program every Memorial Day weekend at the Realities Ride and Rally in downtown Fort Collins. The Larimer County NYPUM program teams up with Realities for Children to host a live auction and raffle. Both programs work hard throughout the year gathering donations from local businesses and the donations are used during the auction and raffle to earn much needed funding for both programs to support youth in Larimer County. There is usually a NYPUM booth set up near the performance area for the SL Stunt Team and at registration so you can learn more about NYPUM and how get to involved with the live auction and raffle that takes place the afternoon of the ride.


Program Caseworker
David Driver
David Driver

Seeking Interns:

  • Grant Writer, 10 hours/week
  • Intake Specialist, 10 hours/week
  • Case Aid, 10 hours/week
  • Track Safety Supervisor, varies

Larimer County NYPUM Track and Field
2555 Midpoint Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525


NYPUM is an integrative project between the Larimer County Department of Human Services and American Honda Motor Co. NYPUM is designed to provide the children and families of Larimer County an opportunity to make positive changes in their lives by offering an exciting and challenging environment intended to support children as they make changes at school, home and in the community.



Local NYPUM Partners

Newman's Motorsports,
parts & service
, Fort Collins
Ray's Motorcycle Service
and Repair
, Fort Collins


Mission Statement

"NYPUM provides at-risk youth of America an opportunity to develop self-esteem, strong values and a sense of responsibility using the minibike as a motivational tool."

NYPUM began in 1969 as an innovative way to engage youth and promote their development. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. donated 10,000 minibikes because they recognized that some children were not interested in traditional sports and didn't respond to other youth services, but the lure of the outdoors and the experience of riding minibikes was very exciting. NYPUM uses this excitement as an incentive for youth to improve their lives. Integral to NYPUM's design is an essential mentoring component to guide and support youth to make good decisions.

Presently operating 44 programs in urban, suburban and rural communities from Los Angeles to Boston, NYPUM programs are run by non-profit or municipal youth agencies. NYPUM's commitment to America's youth has never been stronger because the obstacles facing children today have never been greater. We pledge to continue our work with youth by using the minibike as a means of getting them involved in a healthy peer group with positive adult role models, all centered around exciting and challenging activities. Please call NYPUM at 1-800-75-NYPUM, ext. 1 or send email to to learn more about who they are. National website:

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