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News Release

Vacation home rentals and B&Bs in the Estes Valley Development Area must acquire an operating permit

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: May 22, 2014

Contact Information:

Deni La Rue, Larimer County, Community Information Manager, 970-498-7150
Kate Rusch, Town of Estes Park Public Information Officer, 970-577-3701

In 2010, the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners and the Estes Park Board of Trustees amended the Estes Valley Development Code to require all Estes Valley vacation home rentals (rented for fewer than 30 days) and bed and breakfast inns (B&B) to obtain an annual operating permit to further protect the character of residential neighborhoods.  A business license will serve as the permit for properties within Estes Park Town limits. However, a separate annual operating permit is required for all vacation home rentals and B&Bs in the unincorporated county area of the Estes Valley Development Area, excluding those which are zoned “A” Accommodation. A map of the development area is available at

There is no cost for the annual operating permits for county properties. Permits were required as of July 30, 2010, and can be obtained from the Town of Estes Park Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Avenue in Estes Park. For more information, call the Town Clerk’s office 970-577-4777 or visit > Business Licensing.  Properties which continue operating without a permit are subject to enforcement action. In the unincorporated Estes Valley, enforcement action can result in a hearing before the Larimer County Commissioners, citation into District Court, and fines. Inside Town limits, enforcement action can result in a citation into Municipal Court and fines.
The permit process will assist in bringing vacation home rentals and B&Bs into compliance with applicable regulations. Since 2004, Estes Valley vacation home rentals and B&Bs have been subject to regulations which are intended to protect the residential character of neighborhoods where these commercial operations also exist. The Estes Valley Development Code regulates all vacation homes operating in the Estes Valley. 
  • Vacation Rentals must obtain a business license to legally operate with in the Town limits of Estes Park. Vacation rentals located in the unincorporated Estes Valley must obtain a vacation rental permit to legally operate.
·         A Property manager or local resident must be designated on permit to act as a representative of the owner and be available twenty-four hours a day, with regard to any complaint or violation. 
·         Occupancy is limited to a maximum of eight people at any one time. This will further be limited by two individuals per bedroom, plus two individuals.
·         Parking is limited to a maximum of three vehicles parked outside at any one time.
·         Vehicular traffic and noise levels shall not be out of character with residential use.
·         Noise levels are regulated. Noise complaints can be handled by the Estes Park Police or Larimer County
The covenants of homeowners associations may be more restrictive and even prohibit vacation rentals. For more information on applicable regulations, please contact the Town of Estes Park Community Development Department at 970-577-3720.
Accommodation rentals of fewer than 30 days are subject to sales taxes. The permit process for vacation home rentals and B&Bs in residential neighborhoods will also assist in the collection of the appropriate taxes which may include state, county, town and local marketing district taxes. For more information on these taxes, please visit .
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