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News Release

Larimer County - To Vote in the Primary Election, You Must Be Affiliated

Department: Clerk & Recorder
Release Date: May 16, 2014

Contact Information:

Angela Myers, Larimer County Clerk & Recorder 970/498-7852
Elections Office: 970/498-7820

Larimer County Clerk & Recorder Angela Myers wants to make sure all Larimer County voters understand the nuances associated with voting in the June 24, 2014, Primary Election.

Late last week, as required by state statute, letters were sent out to all registered Unaffiliated voters in the county to inform them that, if they want to vote in the June 24th Primary Election, they will need to affiliate.  “It’s important that we let Unaffiliated electors know how to participate in the Primary Election if they wish to,” Myers said.  “However, this should not be misunderstood to mean that they have to affiliate and vote in the Primary Election if they do not wish to.”   
Unaffiliated voters who do wish to vote in the Primary Election may change their affiliation any time between now and the end of Election Day (June 24th).  Visit or call the Elections office at 970.498.7820 for details on how to do so.  The Unaffiliated voter who does decide to affiliate in order to vote in the Primary Election can then change their affiliation back to “Unaffiliated” after the election.
If a registered voter is already affiliated, but wishes to vote in the other party’s primary (instead of their own) they may change their affiliation – however, the deadline for doing so for already affiliated voters is May 23rd, and the affiliation cannot be changed again until after Primary Election Day.
The point of the Primary Election process is to provide the major political parties with an opportunity to determine which of their candidates will make it onto the November ballot.  By nature, it is a “partisan” election, which means that Unaffiliated voters do not receive a mail ballot – because they are not affiliated. 
All registered voters – whether they are affiliated or not – will receive a mail ballot for the November General Election; and it is the General Election that actually elects the candidates into office.
“There is no effort to encourage Unaffiliated voters to affiliate with either party; however, we want to let them know what they would need to do if they want to vote in the Primary Election,” Myers explained.  “It is important that ALL electors are informed about their voting opportunities, and I am committed to ensuring that is always the case in Larimer County.”
Mail ballots will be sent to all registered American Constitution, Democrat, and Republican electors beginning June 2nd.  All voted ballots must be received by the Clerk & Recorder office by 7p on Election Day, June 24th.  For details on ballot drop-off sites, Voter Service and Polling Center locations and times, and/or to see sample ballots for the Primary, please go to or call 970.498.7820.
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