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New Berthoud Squad Announced

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Department: Sheriff
Release Date: Apr 14, 2014

Contact Information:

Jennifer Hillmann
Public Information Officer
Larimer County Sheriff's Office

Berthoud Squad

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office has formally chosen the new squad of deputies tasked with providing the Town of Berthoud law enforcement services. The unit will consist of a Sergeant, four patrol deputies and one School Resource Officer (SRO). The members of the squad are as follows: Sergeant Jim Anderson, Deputy Kandis Dacus, Deputy Kevin Kingston, Deputy Chris Wenrick, Deputy Steve Wicker and Deputy Eric Schultz will be the new SRO.

When asked about the new squad and his role overseeing law enforcement responsibilities in Berthoud, Sergeant Anderson said, "It is very important to have people who have not only a strong desire to provide safety and security for the Town of Berthoud, but also people who want to be a part of the community. The new Berthoud squad embodies this very idea."

The goal of Larimer County Sheriff's Office from the beginning of this endeavor has been provide excellent law enforcement service to residents of Berthoud, and thanks greatly to the support and work of Sergeant John Feyen (Interim Chief for Berthoud Police Department), Mike Hart and the Berthoud Town Board, that goal can become a reality. Captain John Manago is proud of the personnel chosen to represent LCSO in Berthoud saying, "Sergeant Anderson has chosen a top notch unit consisting of very professionally diversified deputies to represent the Larimer County Sheriff's Office for our new Berthoud squad. Thank you Jim, Kandis, Kevin, Chris, Steve and Eric for taking on this new challenge."
Sheriff Smith added, "This provides a tremendous opportunity for the men and women of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office to prove to the citizens how capable, prepared and committed we are to providing outstanding services to each individual community. I want to thank each and every deputy, dispatcher and other LCSO member who stepped up to the plate to make sure that we met the public safety needs of the Town of Berthoud during this transition."
Larimer County Sheriff's Office will begin full time law enforcement services in the Town of Berthoud on May 1, 2014.

In the photo: From left to right- Deputy Kevin Kingston, Deputy Kandis Dacus, Sergeant Jim Anderson, Deputy Steve Wicker, SRO Deputy Eric Schultz and Deputy Chris Wenrick.



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