Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

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Frequently Asked Questions about Red Mountain Open Space Hunting

  1. When will I be able to apply for a Special Access Hunting Permit?
  2. You can apply for a Special Access Hunting Permit through our on line application process during the month of February.

  3. When will the drawing be held to determine who the successful applicants are?
  4. The drawing will be held in the first week of March.

  5. How will I know if I am a successful applicant?
  6. Staff will notify you via phone and or email. You will then be required to attend a pre-hunt meeting in September.

  7. How much does it cost to apply for a Special Access Hunting Permit?
  8. The cost to apply is $10 per species/sex that you wish to apply for.

  9. How many Special Access Hunting Permits will be given out each year?
  10. The number of Special Access Hunting Permits given out each year fluctuates depending on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommendation.

  11. Do you allow camping at Red Mountain Open Space or Soapstone Prairie Natural Area?
  12. Camping is not allowed at Red Mountain Open Space or Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. Hunters will be allowed to access one hour prior to sunrise and will be allowed to depart as late as one hour after sun set.

  13. Can I drive my vehicle into Red Mountain Open Space/Soapstone Natural Area in order to get closer to the area I want to hunt or to collect an animal?
  14. Vehicles may only drive on the entry road that leads to the trailhead, and may only park at the trailhead. Harvested animals must be packed out or the use of a game cart.

  15. May I use horses on my hunt, either to reach my destination or to pack out a taken animal?
  16. Horses may be used on the hunt. While hunting, the horse must remain on trail. If an animal is harvested, the horse may be taken off trail only to collect and pack the animal.

  17. Where are Red Mountain Open Space and Soapstone Praire Natural Area located and how many acres are they?
  18. Red Mountain Open Space and Soapstone Prairie Natural Area are located approximately 25 miles north of Fort Collins. Red Mountain is approximately 15,000 acres of Open Space and Soapstone is approximately 22,000 acres.

  19. In addition to the Special Access Hunting Permit, do I need to apply for a Colorado Parks and Wildlife hunting license?
  20. Yes, in addition to the Special Access Hunting Permit, you do need to apply for a Colorado Parks and Wildlife big game hunting license for the species/sex and season you wish to hunt for in Game Management Unit 9.

  21. What seasons can I hunt at Red Mountain?
  22. You will have the option to choose from four elk seasons (Elk-EM00902R, EM00903R, EM00904R, EF009L1R) , three deer seasons (Deer- DM00902R, DM00903R, DM00904R), and one pronghorn late season (AF009L1R).

  23. May I hunt the whole week, including the weekend?
  24. Hunting at Red Mountain Open Space is only allowed on weekdays, and there is no hunting on Saturday or Sunday, except for pronghorn, which you can hunt 7 days a week from December 1st through December 16th.

  25. Are you allowed to hunt by archery or muzzle loading?
  26. Hunting opportunities occur only during the rifle seasons, but you may choose to hunt with a bow or muzzleloader during the rifle season.

  27. What have the success rates been for the Red Mountain Open Space hunting program?
  28. Bull elk - near 50 percent, cow elk - less than 20 percent, buck deer - near 80 percent. No data for pronghorn yet.

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