Dream Lake iced over - RMNP

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Be A Parks And Open Spaces Photographer

Photo Submission Requirements:

  1. Please edit your own photos. Turn in ONLY 25 of your best per assignment or season.
  2. Turn in all pictures on a CD or DVD only (Larimer County can provide a CD or DVD to you.) Images will not be accepted on/through other media.
  3. Image resolution: Please submit
    • one set in the minimum size of 2000 x 1328 pixels
    • one set at the maximum resolution for your camera
  4. File naming convention: Please include the property location or event and your last name in the file name (for example, "Carter Lake - Smith....jpg", or "HTMarathon - Smith....jpg")
  5. Subject matter: Images should only include people if the photo is of individuals recreating or taking part in a County-sponsored event. Close-up shots of faces and vegetation are discouraged.

Conditions of Use of Photographs:

  1. Copyright remains with the photographer. Larimer County Natural Resources Department (LCNR) may use submitted photographs with credit given to the photographer.
  2. LCNR is under no obligation to use or publish any submitted photograph that does not meet, in our opinion, suitable standards of quality or subject matter.
  3. LCNR does not pay for photographs.
  4. LCNR may give permission to other County departments and/or to media outlets to use an image specifically to promote the department and the parks and open spaces it manages. Photographer will be credited.
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Background Image: Dream Lake frozen over in Rocky Mountain National Park by Bryce Bradford. All rights reserved.