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Small Grants for Community Partnering

Up to $2,000 per project per year

Initiated in 1997, today the Small Grants for Community Partnering (SGCP) program is an inherent part of the Natural Resources Open Lands Program as a way to give back a portion of the Help Preserve Open Spaces 1/4-cent sales tax funds directly to communities throughout Larimer County. Since 2008, through 2015, we have awarded $207,233 to 143 community and neighborhood projects that connect people to the land.

The next round of applications are due September 18, 2015.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply, with just a few exceptions and parameters:

  1. Government agencies already receiving Help Preserve Open Spaces tax dollars may not apply directly.
  2. For projects on public lands and for government agencies — excluding educational institutions — the applicant must be a 501c3 non-profit or other non-governmental entity with an active, leadership role in the project.
  3. Together with the grant application, all affected landowners must agree in writing with the project. Homeowners' and Property Owners' Associations must submit a copy of board meeting minutes approving the project. Educational institutions must provide a letter from the appropriate facilities director agreeing to the specific project.

How to Apply

A completed application will be a combination of our documents and yours. Review the instructions first, which will walk you through the rest of the application requirements.

Unable to download the documents?

  • You can also pick up an application packet at the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources' Administrative Offices at 1800 S. County Road 31, Loveland, Colorado.
  • If you need further assistance, contact Zac Wiebe at or (970) 619-4534

Applications are due the September 18 by 3:00 p.m.


  1. Proposed projects must be in accordance with the mission of the Larimer County Open Lands Program and fall into one or more of the four Small Grants for Community Partnering categories listed below:

    1. Provides or enhances natural areas, including wildlife habitat, river areas, and wetlands
    2. Provides linkages with existing open lands (Linkages may be either trails or wildlife habitat.)
    3. Provides opportunities for environmental education, outdoor recreation, or nature interpretation
    4. Provides opportunities for people to connect with the land via parks, agriculture*, increased access to open spaces and natural areas*, or research on Larimer County open spaces*
  2. Projects must be in Larimer County (unincorporated or city/town limits). Grant dollars will be distributed in Larimer County only, and to the extent possible, throughout the entire county. more
  3. Projects must have a minimum match of 50% of the requested dollar amount more
  4. Projects that include planting and/or habitat improvement must use native and/or non-invasive, drought-resistant plant species appropriate for the selected environment, except for projects categorized as "Agriculture."
  5. If applicable, a long-term maintenance plan may be required and should be included in the application.

*Downloadable Criteria List

Funding limitations

  • Small grant funds are for project implementation only and may not be used for salaries and/or project planning expenses, except for projects categorized as "Research on Larimer County Open Spaces."
  • Funding for transportation expenses is only available for projects categorized as "Increased Access to Open Spaces and Natural Areas" or "Research on Larimer County Open Spaces."
  • Tools and other equipment (e.g. GPS units, weed sprayers, etc.) may be funded with an acceptable justification of why they are required for implementation of the project. The SGCP program requires a disposition plan following use of the equipment. Requests for funds for tools or equipment that will be donated to a public agency or organization after the intended use will be looked upon more favorably.
  • A multi-phased project may be funded over multiple years and requests for new funding will be partially dependent on past project accomplishments. A complete, new application is required during each grant cycle that funds are being requested. more

Grant Cycle


  • Applications are due in September
  • Initial review of applications - Subcommittee
  • Pre-Site visits begin with the applicant, Open Lands program staff & advisory board sub-committee members. This is the opportunity for the applicant to discuss why their project is a great candidate for funding. Partners of the project are also welcome to attend the site visit


  • Pre-site visits (if not finished in October) - see previous column
  • Site visit evaluations review - Subcommittee


  • Present funding recommendations to Open Lands Advisory Board (The Board makes the final selection of grant awards)
  • Notify awardees, prepare contracts


  • Finalize contracts and declarations
  • Awards presentation at an Open Lands Advisory Board meeting in March or April, normally the last Thursday of the month.
  • Final reports due for prior year grants


  • Final site visits for prior year grants
  • Begin accepting applications for the next year

Requirements if you are awarded a Grant

  1. If selected to receive a small grant, a Contract and Declaration between Larimer County and the grant recipient is required prior to receiving the award. The contract will include the amount of the grant award, specific items funded, the timeline for project completion, monitoring and reporting requirements, and other conditions.
  2. Awards will be presented at an Open Lands Advisory Board meeting in March or April, normally the 4th Thursday of the month. The Larimer County Board of County Commissioners present the awards.
  3. If a funded project changes from the initial application and budget, a written change request is required before any dollars are spent. The applicant may be asked to resubmit for another grant year if the project changed enough to affect how it would have been rated when in competition with that year's other applications.
  4. Award recipients must keep track of all project expenditures (including in-kind services and donations) and submit receipts for all items purchased with small grant funds.
  5. A Final Report is due upon project completion. Failure to submit the Final Report will result in automatic disqualification for future awards.
  6. Following project completion, Larimer County staff and/or Open Lands Advisory Board members will conduct a site visit. Further visits may be necessary in subsequent years depending on the level of monitoring required for a particular project.

Last Year's Awards

photo of 2013 Larimer County Small Grants Award Recipients

2014 Small Grants for
Community Partnering Awards

Photo by Charlie Johnson

Project ApplicantProject NameAmount FundedProject LocationProject Description
Alford Meadows HOAAlford Meadows Wetlands Project$1,041.34 Lovelandwetlands improvement project
Bruns HOABruns Estates Open Space - Outlot B$550.00 east Lovelandweed control, maintenance, plantings for wildlife
Bruns HOABruns HOA Beehive$500.00 east LovelandInstall and populate a beehive
Friends of Lory State ParkLory State Park Weed Eradication$2,000.00 Lory State ParkEradication of weeds spreading from burn areas.
Friends of the Gardens on Spring CreekSeason extenders$1,291.00 Fort CollinsEquipment for growing for earlier planting & longer growing season.
Hearts & HorsesSensory Trail Paths$2,000.00 west LovelandEnhancements to existing sensory garden and Trail of Discovery.
Mulberry Community GardensWater, Lights, Beds$2,000.00 Fort CollinsEnhancements to the gardens with more raised beds & lighting and continue irrigation improvements
New Vision Charter SchoolGarden Stabilization Project$1,999.00 LovelandBuild a non-permanent greenhouse structure for educational use four seasons
Peter Leipzig-ScottCommon Mullein Research$2,000.00 DBBOS & Phantom Canyonresearch on impact of mullein to ecosystems
Rocky Mountain Bird ObservatoryFort Collins Bird Banding Station$1,203.00 Fort CollinsBird banding in Spring 2014, to enrich classroom learning
Scott HodgesGenetic distinctiveness of Hermit Parks Aquilegia corrulea var. daileyae $2,000.00 HPOSTo determine how genetically distinct Hermit Park's columbine is from nearby normal-flowered populations
Stacy EndrissPollinators & Common Mullein Research$1,991.32 Carter Lake, DBBOS, HTMOS, Testing whether Verbascum thapsus (common mullein) contributes to or competes for pollinators of native plants.
Background Image: Changing Aspen Leaves in Rocky Mountain National Park by Jeremy Hollis. All rights reserved.