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  • Sat. 23, 7:00 PM - " Rocky Mountain Essentials." Estes Park East Portal Campground campfire program. Learn about Search and Rescue, what to do if lost and area wildlife.
  • Sat. 23, 7:00 PM - "Eager Beavers" Join Bob Krecik at Carter Lake's Eagle campground to learn about one of natures most prominent architects.
  • Sat. 23, 7:00 PM - "From Sheep to Sweater" Lorraine Perry and her Jacob sheep will teach us about where our sweaters come from.
  • Sat. 23, 8:00 PM - "Zoological Discovery Center" Find a spark of passion for wildlife conservation! Our program provide knowledge about animals, nature, and why conservation is important. At Horsetooth South Bay.
  • Sat. 23, 8:00 PM - Come skygazing at Hermit Park. The Northern Colorado Astronomical Society will be out with telescopes and more for a starry veiw of the night sky.

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