Loveland Bike Trail

Rimrock Open Space Conditions

Report last updated: 12/23/2014

Current Conditions

Park situation
Trail Conditions 

 All trails are OPEN.

Please stay on trail to help prevent resource damage.

If extremely muddy conditions exist, these trails may be closed to protect them from damage. Such closures will be posted on this site, on open space road signs, and at trailheads and a Facebook and Twitter update will be sent out. Otherwise, please stay on trail and do not go around muddy spots. If people go around muddy areas, the trail widens and vegetation is trampled. A widened trail is very difficult and expensive to restore. Thank you for helping to keep your open spaces beautiful

Mule deer, elk, bobcats, fox, prairie dogs, and coyotes are daily residents at the Rimrock Open Space, and tracks and other indications of wildlife can be seen all around if you just take a close look. The best time of day for viewing wildlife is dawn and dusk. The open space opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.

See the Parks and Open Lands event calendar.
Background Image: Loveland Bike Trail by Sharon Veit. All rights reserved.