News Release

CORRECTION for 2nd Due Date - Larimer County Treasurer - First Half Property Tax Payment Due Feb. 28

Department: Treasury
Release Date: Feb 27, 2014


Myrna J. Rodenberger, Larimer County Treasurer, 970-498-7028

 Correction - Because June 15th is on a Sunday: ............."the second half is due Monday, June 16th" (old copy listed June 15th). 

Larimer County Treasurer, Myrna Rodenberger, reminds taxpayers February 28th is the deadline for paying first half property taxes. Both the first half payment coupon and second half payment coupons were mailed with the original tax notice in January. 
For your convenience and to avoid waiting lines, please mail your payment to P.O. Box 2336, Fort Collins, CO 80522. 
Payments mailed with a United States Postal Service postmark of February 28th, or before, will be considered timely. This deadline is for taxpayers who pay their taxes in two equal installments; the second half is due June 16th. Rodenberger said failure to meet the deadline would result in the assessment of delinquent interest for late payment, in accordance with Colorado State Statutes.
If you have an escrow for property taxes with your mortgage company and have questions regarding their payment of taxes, please contact them for further information. If you have not received your Larimer County property tax statement for 2013 taxes payable in 2014, please call the Larimer County Treasurer’s Office at 498-7020. As always, you can find more information regarding your property taxes at