News Release

Health Department asks help in finding Buckhorn Canyon hazardous flood waste

Department: Health & Environment
Release Date: Oct 23, 2013


Jane Viste
Environmental Health

The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment asks for the public’s help in identifying areas where hazardous waste was deposited in the Buckhorn Canyon area from September flooding. 


Residents of the Buckhorn Creek area (County Roads 44H and 27) should call 970-498-6775 to report hazardous waste that washed onto properties from the flood.  This includes propane tanks, autos, 55 gallon drums, containers of chemicals or petroleum products, electric transformers, among others. 


The Health Department  is working with EPA contractors in identification of and safe removal and disposal of hazardous waste from floodwaters and adjacent impacted land.  The department can arrange for the removal and disposal of only those hazardous materials that were washed up on to a property by the flood, not materials in a home or on an unaffected part of the  property.   Those should be taken to the County’s landfill for disposal. 


For more information on flood debris removal and other flood recovery information, visit