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Senior Appraiser

Min Hourly Max Hourly Min Monthly Max Monthly Min Salary Max Salary
$24.48 $34.28 $4,243.12 $5,941.75 $50,926.00 $71,297.00


Gathers, collects, analyzes, and tabulates information for the valuation of any type of property in the County ranging from single family residential to commercial properties. Completes standard field investigations, studies, and research in order to prepare reports/documentation that support valuations for any type of property for ad valorem purposes.


The following statements are illustrative of the duties and responsibilities of the job. The organization retains the right to modify or change the duties and responsibilities of the job at any time.   

  • Receives general guidance from Chief Appraiser.
  • Exercises some supervision as a lead worker.
  • All essential job functions listed for Appraiser.
  • May provide lead accountability for other employees within the work unit which may include scheduling, assigning and reviewing work, instructing/training in work methods, and providing input into performance evaluations.
  • Assist management in developing/identifying long-term plans for reappraisals.
  • Locate, research, prepare, review, analyze, and present information pertaining to all real property classes in Larimer County for proper valuation levels and equitability.
  • Update local cost data applying outside data models and services.
  • Collect, analyze, and verify income/expense questionnaire information.
  • Request, assemble, and analyze specific data related to income producing properties including capitalization of income/expense streams, leases, vacancy projections, and development of capitalization rates using market standards as well as property specific information.
  • Conduct interviews with representatives of the financial community to obtain information regarding capitalization, discount, vacancy, and rental rates for commercial properties.
  • Develop and implement market and income tables and perform statistical analyses relating to the mass appraisal process of commercial properties.
  • Develop fair and equitable valuations for all types of commercial properties.
  • Develop 4-unit and larger multi-family valuations using confirmed sales and analyzing lease information.
  • Perform other duties as appropriate or necessary for performance of the job.
  • All types of real properties in the County.
  • Commercial and residential real estate market.
  • Income approach to value including rent and vacancy projections, expense analysis by occupancy, and capitalization techniques.
  • Diverse commercial land market as it relates to development, easements, excess land, and pad-site valuation.
  • Value all types of real property in the County.
  • Perform duties independently without supervision.
  • Gather and analyze general and specific market and income data.
  • Develop rental, vacancy, and capitalization rates for various classes of property.
  • Analyze and understand various types of leases.
  • Confirm sales with buyer and/or seller to arrive at actual sales price of the real property conveyed.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other County employees, representatives of other agencies and organizations, and members of the community.


  • At least a Colorado Registered Appraiser License.
  • Maintain continuing education hours annually or as required by the State Board of Real Estate Appraisers.
  • Coursework in the Income Approach to value including vacancy and collection loss, expenses, net operating income, and capitalizations rates.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform the Appraiser position job requirements.
  • Four years of in-office appraisal experience.
  • Four years of experience in a directly related field or in the performance of similar duties and responsibilities.
  • Must possess all qualifications listed on Appraiser job description.
  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid Colorado Driver's License.

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