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Assistant Director Road & Bridge

Min Hourly Max Hourly Min Monthly Max Monthly Min Salary Max Salary
$34.46 $48.25 $5,972.95 $8,363.17 $71,687.00 $100,361.00


A classified Assistant Department Head who plans, organizes, manages, and reviews the work of staff, contractors, consultants, and suppliers. Those supervised are routinely engaged in any combination of, but not limited to, the heavy construction, maintenance, and repair of native, gravel, and paved surface roadways, bridges, drainage systems, and all associated structures and appurtenances within the public right-of-way. In addition, those supervised routinely perform the extraction of raw aggregate materials, production of crushed aggregate material, and reclamation of surface mines, and the hauling of roadway maintenance and construction equipment and materials. This position performs a variety of high level administrative, personnel, and operational duties of a departmental COO nature while assisting in the management of the County road network. The breadth of responsibility covers all transportation system issues, road and/or bridge construction, and/or repair activity at any location within Larimer County at anytime day or night 365 days a year.


The following statements are illustrative of the duties and responsibilities of the job. The organization retains the right to modify or change the duties and responsibilities of the job at any time.
  • Receives general direction from the Road and Bridge Director.
  • Leads and exercises both direct and indirect supervision over the Road and Bridge Department Functional Group Managers/District Supervisor, Administrative and Support Staff, Team Leaders, field operations employees, contractors, consultants, and suppliers.
  • Hire, lead, manage, supervise, motivate, evaluate, coach, train, discipline, and terminate 55 or more regular full time and up to 60 seasonal employees, while directly supervising the chief operating and administrative support positions.
  • Exercise indirect supervision over the operations of contractors, consultants, and suppliers.
  • Provide professional leadership in dealing with critical, complex, and sensitive issues.
  • Develop and implement departmental and County goals, objectives, policies, and priorities.
  • Define and monitor performance, productivity, and compliance of subordinates with departmental missions, goals, objectives, policies, and procedures to ensure all work meets the required expectations and applicable state and federal regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable safety regulations and procedures.
  • Discover, plan, evaluate, and adjust activities of personnel performing assigned tasks.
  • Exercise personnel, purchase, payroll, budget, fund transfer approval authority, and for all Road and Bridge field operations contract administration.
  • Must use personally assigned County equipment for business purposes and commuting.
  • Provide for formal and informal access of all R&B employees to management.
  • Oversee the planning, scheduling, assignment, and operations aspects of work, provide instruction and technical expertise, and review work of those internal and external contractors engaged in the construction and maintenance of the County's roads, bridges, and appurtenances within the public ROW.
  • Provide technical expertise in maintenance management techniques as it relates to improvements within the public ROW and Road & Bridge equipment fleet operations.
  • Develop compensation and employee advancement opportunities within the constraints of sound business and fiscal limitations.
  • Make independent determination of course(s) of action regarding maintenance activities within the public ROW.
  • Conceptualize and develop plans for future service types and levels.
  • Determine outsourcing needs.
  • Plan, assign, direct, review and modify the activities of staff and contractors involved in road construction, maintenance, and related activities.
  • Review and inspect the technical details of road and bridge design, construction, maintenance, and repair work.
  • Inspect and estimate the extent and costs of repairs or maintenance needed for roads, bridges, and other appurtenances within the public ROW.
  • Inspect roads and bridges to make independent determination of extent and cost for construction and/or maintenance for inclusion in annual budget.
  • Maintain accurate records and prepare operational reports.
  • Delegate and follow-up to ensure assignment completion in a timely fashion.
Customer Service
  • Customer Service representative for public ROW issues.
  • Participate in the investigation and response to routine complaints and questions posed by internal and external customers; counsel with employees and client groups to resolve complaints and problems
  • Provide departmental appeal authority regarding investigations as to the cause of accidents, injuries, and/or damage to the county and/or private property and personnel issues.
  • Work with individuals and groups including organizing, training, and facilitating consensus building in order to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Advise, review, and recommend system and procedural changes to maximize customer satisfaction and economy of operations.
  • Coordinate Public Works office and field activities with other County departments, divisions, and outside agencies.
  • Unilateral purchasing authority up to $50K and replacement plan authority of at least $1.7 million per year.
  • Collaborate to develop and review plans, specifications, and contracts for external competitive processes.
  • Oversee, instruct, give technical expertise, and make decisions to purchase any given product or service.
  • Develop and approve bid and proposal specifications; analyze bid results and make independent determination of award for contractors, consultants, and suppliers.
Field Operations Direct and oversee the planning, coordination, evaluation, and adjustment of activities involving:
  • Heavy construction, maintenance, and repair of native, gravel, and paved surface roads, roadway and roadside drainage structures including wood, metal, and concrete bridges, guardrails, and culverts;
  • Construction and maintenance of roadside drainage systems;
  • Vegetation removal and control.
  • Control and/or removal of snow and ice from the County's road network.
Asset Management
  • Develop, implement, and maintain road inventory and maintenance information systems.
  • Input data for specific computerized calculation and report needs.
  • Pentium PC use and MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, MS Windows XP and other software applications such as GroupWise E-mail, Oracle Purchasing Module, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Project, specialized software, and County tools.
  • Use computerized data management and analysis systems.
  • Routinely develop and use complex mathematical formulas and computations.
Fiscal Issues and Analysis
  • Develop coding structures for project and activity cost accounting.
  • Develop chart of accounts for required and preferred budget activities.
  • Develop filing system for required and preferred record keeping practices.
  • Perform analysis and modify work programs accordingly.
  • Operate within an annual, multi-year, and multi-project budget and a capital equipment replacement plan.
  • Make evaluations of current or proposed services and assets.
  • Direct and lend technical expertise to the preparation of project cost estimates and descriptions for construction project work orders.
  • Manage by objective and cost centers.
  • Use percent complete and other technical tools to stay abreast of budget and program effectiveness/efficiencies throughout the year.
  • Determine scope of projects, type and quantities of materials necessary, and estimates of total cost complete-in-place.
Emergency Response
  • Emergency response techniques and expectations.
  • Provide emergency response to natural disasters that affect the public's ability to travel the County's road network.
Heavy Equipment Fleet
  • Lend technical expertise to the specifications for the purchase, lease, maintenance, planned rehabilitation, replacement, general management, and sale of heavy construction equipment, light vehicles, and tools.
  • Make determinations regarding equipment assignments.
  • Work with the Media.
  • Handle sensitive information appropriately.
  • Address environmental issues.
  • Represent Larimer County positively within professional organizations (CCI, CARSE, NACE, CAPA, CARMA, and so forth).
  • Subject to non-restrictive call back 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for routine situations and those including, but not limited to snow plowing, wildland fires, floods, and other situations.
  • Mirror the Road and Bridge Director.
  • Perform other duties as appropriate or necessary for performance of the job.
Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
  • Personnel management and supervision.
  • Interviewing, screening and selection techniques suitable for making independent selection of job candidates.
  • Item/activity, unit cost, total cost, cost accounting, and project cost estimating.
  • Construction contracting and contract administration.
  • Street and highway heavy construction, maintenance, and repair regarding all road surface and drainage structure types in conjunction with safe work zone practices.
  • Safe work practices and work zone traffic safety.
  • Record keeping and reporting procedures.
  • Applicable Colorado Revised Statutes and Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Roadway Asset Management
  • Effective customer service principles.
  • Principals and practices of pavement management systems.
  • Heavy construction, mining, and the production of specification grade crushed and sized aggregate operations in wet and dry pits.
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration Regulations.
  • Zero-based cost estimating, overhead determination and assignment, mark-up routines, and competitive bidding strategies.
  • Heavy Construction project scope determination, quantity takeoff, design, plan review, and on site work inspection.
  • Planned and scheduled maintenance and the use of cost/benefit analysis.
  • Methods for design and implementation techniques for the equipment, materials, and operations necessary for the heavy construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, culverts, drainage courses, mining operations, specification material crushing and sizing, and reclamation.
  • Operations, maintenance, repair, capacities, limitations, useful life, rebuild, and replacement strategies for both heavy and light road construction, maintenance and mining equipment.
  • Management principles and theories.
  • Procedures, methods, and equipment used in road construction and maintenance and repair activities.
  • BMP relating to erosion, SWMP plans, and water discharge regulations.
  • MSHA, DOT, and OSHA regulations.
  • The concepts and costs for bid bonding, performance bonding, and the implications of liquidated damages against a contractor's bottom line.
  • The selection of crushed and sized material processing equipment.
  • Percent complete accounting and implications for accrual accounting.
  • Project management and contract administration.
  • Safe operating practices and procedures.
  • Motor vehicle and heavy transport laws, regulations, and practices.
  • Principles of organizational design, personnel selection, supervision, advancement, promotion, wage structures, benefit packages, training, evaluation, discipline, and termination.
  • Procedures and techniques for both general ledger and cost accounting budget prep and administration.
Intermediate Knowledge of the Principals and Practices of:
  • The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
Comprehensive Ability to:
  • Read, write, and speak to communicate effectively in U.S. English per 49 C.F.R. 391.119(b)(2).
  • Manage multiple complex projects.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing; follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Make independent decisions with far reaching and long term implications.
  • Stand in for the Road and Bridge Director as needed.
  • Accurately read and interpret heavy construction plans and specifications.
  • Analyze data and work situations to develop effective and workable plans of action.
  • Successfully plan, manage, evaluate, and adjust multiple priorities/functions simultaneously.
  • Apply generally accepted principles and practices of project management.
  • Respond appropriately to public inquiries and complaints.
  • Manage, evaluate, coach, train, and discipline assigned personnel.
  • Oversee contractors' performance in the delivery of services.
  • Develop and manage native, gravel, and paved surface maintenance regimes.
  • Develop and maintain roadway, bridge, and drainage systems maintenance regimes.
  • Manage heavy construction projects, mining and production of aggregate materials, and the hauling and placing of roadway maintenance materials.
  • Work in person, via phone, e-mail, and through written correspondence.
  • Perform field operations and office cost accounting review of construction and maintenance activities accomplished by staff and contractors.
  • Apply private sector concepts effectively to public sector administration.
  • Develop and monitor project budgets.
  • Inspect work to ensure adherence to plans, specifications and contracts.
  • Manage multi-million dollar capital construction projects, annual budgets and heavy equipment fleets.
Intermediate Ability to:
  • Review, analyze and make independent assessment of accident and traffic count data.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other County employees, representatives of other agencies and organizations, outside contractors, consultants, suppliers, and members of the community though dispute mediation and coordination of efforts.
  • High School Diploma and an Associates Degree plus 60 additional Semester Hours from an accredited College or University. Bachelors Degree preferred.
  • Ten years of progressively more responsible supervisory/management experience in field design and operations, estimating and office management areas of public works heavy construction, maintenance and repair to include asphalt, gravel roadways, earthen roadways, and roadway drainage structures; roadside drainage systems and earthwork, production of aggregate materials, hauling and placing of roadway construction materials, and safe work zone practices.
  • Possession of and ability to maintain any related professional licenses and designations preferred.
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid Colorado Driver's License.
Physical Requirements:
  • Ability to climb in and out of standard size four wheel drive truck approximately 5-6 times per day
  • Ability to walk one to three miles a day on various outdoor terrains
  • Ability to drive 250 miles per day in a four-wheel drive truck.
  • Must be capable of negotiating flights of stairs to reach upper story offices
  • May be required to lift, carry, drag, or push boxes or equipment
  • May be required to sit for long periods of time
  • May be required to stoop, bend, stretch, twist, reach, kneel, squat and balance
  • May be required to talk extensively on the telephone
  • Must be able to get into and out of vehicle
  • Must be able to sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time
  • Must be able to work in daylight and night environment
  • Must be able to work outdoors in an extreme hot, cold, dry, or wet environment
  • Must be able to work in hazardous or dangerous work areas or situations
  • Must be capable of working under stressful situations
  • Must have ability to concentrate on more than one task at a time and to make independent decisions
  • Must have acceptable eyesight to perform computer duties
  • Must have acceptable hearing to hear well on the telephone and in public contacts
  • Must have appropriate voice skills to be clearly understood on the telephone and in public contacts
  • Must have fine and gross motor skills and full use of fingers, hands, and arms to perform computer or writing duties and to operate a manual or automatic vehicle
  • Must be able to hear and speak clearly on the phone to citizens and employees
  • May be using a hands free cell phone while operating a vehicle.

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