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IMS Strategic Plan


The Information Management Services' mission is to work in partnership with customers to leverage the use of information technologies to meet business challenges and to foster customer self-sufficiency in using those technologies while providing the following:

  • faster, easier, more cost-effective, and more accurate information and service to the public by automating County processes and by empowering County employees with office automation tools and technology.

  • focused customer-driven solutions, coordinated information technology planning, cost-effective tools, and timely technical services.

  • business and support services that empower and support our customers in the accomplishment of their missions.


The Larimer County IMS Division is highly committed to delivering services that are of the highest possible quality, while ensuring appropriate application and maximum benefit of available technologies. In order to accomplish this goal, the IMS Division has agreed upon the following values:

  • We value partnership and teamwork with County departments, other levels of government, agencies, the private sector, and each of our customers to ensure effective and efficient delivery of our services.

  • We value encouragement, rewards, and recognition of employees for hard work, creativity, and innovation in their quest to deliver high quality services.

  • We believe that ongoing training and the professional development of our staff are integral parts of the County's overall mission.

  • We believe in ensuring ample facilities for the current and future provision of County government services to our customers.

  • We value increased efficiency and effectiveness of internal and external communications.

  • We believe that the benefits of current technology should be maximized in order to provide improved communications and information access/exchange between constituents, staff, and County government services.

  • We value appropriate allocation of our own resources in order to develop and deliver essential services that are responsive to the changing needs of Larimer County and its constituents.


  • We have a strong commitment to service and meeting the needs of our customers in an effective, efficient, timely, cost effective, and supportive manner.

  • We will utilize industry standard best practices and tools to assist in producing quality services and products, promote accountability, and accurately track costs and labor resources.

  • We agree to recognize and leverage individual strengths and expertise by working together as a team to accomplish our goals of delivering exceptional products, services, and solutions to our customers.

  • We are committed to a high standard of integrity and work ethic, both professional and personal, in dealing with our customers.

  • We will respect and maintain the confidentiality of our clients, customers, and the County.

  • We believe our staff is our best asset and agree to empower them, as well as assist them, in their professional and personal development through appropriate means.

  • We agree to respect, value, and foster a supportive atmosphere in which anyone may feel free to contribute their ideas.

  • We agree to accept, respect, and support each other by honoring everyone's individuality and diversity.

  • We will comply with the policies of the County and will use County assets for its betterment and not for personal gain.

  • We promote wider business hour coverage to better support our customers and to create a flexible work environment by embracing telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and flexibility of employee schedules.
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