Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Volunteer Programs and Opportunities

Due to the protective nature of our work, and the three month screening and training process, we kindly request that volunteers make a one year commitment to the CYF Volunteer Program and are not seeking employment with our agency, thank you. (This does not apply to college interns.)

One-on-One Opportunities

  • Develop a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a youth or young parent.
  • Teach and support a family in their home with life skills.
  • Teach emancipated youth life skills, such as balancing a checkbook, renting an apartment, or talking to a landlord, getting a job.

Volunteering with Groups

  • Facilitate a children's group for Oasis, such as art, music, sports, book club, hiking, etc.
  • Develop groups that promote healthy habits through exercise and nutrition.
  • Running activities for kids ages 8 - 17.
  • Teach basic skills, games, and social skills in group settings or individually.

Other Supportive Activities

  • Assist with client transportation needs.
  • Provide support using your clerical skills.
  • Provide donations to support ongoing programs.
  • Help distribute needed resources.
  • Market the volunteer program by "personing" manning a recruitment table.
  • Assist with data entry for the volunteer program.
  • Take part in seasonal projects and celebrations.

For more information, please email Christina Ulrich-Jones, Volunteer Coordinator, or call her at (970) 980-2239.

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