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Volunteer Program

Governor Asks Coloradans to Report Child Abuse and Neglect Concerns

Learn more about how our community can help... play a part in promoting the social and emotional well-being of children and families in communities. Learn more at the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Read about the Value of Mentoring here

Interested in how to be an Oasis Mentor or a CYF Volunteer? Come to a free informational meeting held monthly, call or email the coordinator for more information.

Volunteers and interns needed!

Do you want an experience that will:

  • Positively impact your community?
  • Give you opportunities to use your creative energy in a positive way?
  • Allow you to share/teach your hobby or talent with/to others?
  • Give you on the job experience in human services as a college intern?
  • Encourage underprivileged, neglected or abused youth to overcome obstacles?
  • Help guide recovering and struggling parents and influence healthy change?
  • Make you feel good about giving back to our future generations?
  • Enrich your volunteer experience by being a part of a dynamic Volunteer Program?

If so... then we need your help.

Create your profile and fill out an application

Christina Ulrich-Jones Christina Ulrich-Jones is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Larimer County Department of Human Services, Children, Youth, and Family Division.

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Volunteer opportunities

We need your skills and dedication to assist struggling children and adolescents mature into happy and responsible adults. You can help ensure that parents remain healthy and active participants in their children's lives. Your involvement improves the assistance that Children, Youth, and Family Services gives to the community. The range of opportunities is wide. You may even be able to create a unique volunteer position from talents, skills, and interests you are already involved with.

Volunteer Program Brochure

Oasis Mentor Flier

How to support the volunteer program

Current programs and volunteer opportunities

For more information, please email Christina Ulrich-Jones, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, or call her at (970) 980-2239.

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