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Detention Screening Process

Detention Screening is federally mandated for all youth with new detainable charges or warrants. In the eighth Judicial District, the Hub Intake Specialists have been sworn in as Officer of the Court to provide detention screening.

  • "Shall Not Detain" and "May Detain" charges or warrants will be screened at The Hub.
  • Standby Hub security will be present during detention screenings at The Hub on an as needed basis.
  • Arresting officers may be asked to remain until The Hub security arrives at the scene.
  • Youth who are currently under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance must be medically cleared before being screened for detention.
  • Disposition options include, but are not limited to secure detention, staff-secure detention, shelter, electronic home monitoring and supervised home detention.
  • Additionally, the Hub staff will be utilizing the Maysi Assessment to determine client needs and to make appropriate referrals.
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