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Adult Protection Questions and Answers

  1. Who are at-risk adults?
    • At-risk adults may have problems with their health and safety because they cannot care for themselves.
    • At-risk adults may not be able to protect or care for themselves because they cannot understand or do not recognize that there is a problem.
    • At-risk adults maya be abused, neglected or taken advantage of by people they trust and rely on for care.
  2. What is abuse?

    Physical abuse is hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, burning, confining, or restraining an adult.

    Sexual abuse is sexual activity or touching without the adult's consent or understanding.

    Financial Exploitation is the use of an at-risk adult's money or property for another's advantage.

    Neglect is a lack of food, shelter, clothing, or care provided to an at-risk adult by a care giver.

    Self-neglect is the inability or unwillingness of an at-risk adult to care for herself or himself. choice of lifestyle, by itself, is not proof of self-neglect.

  3. What happens when you report?

    When you call Human Services, any of the following things may happen:

    • A caseworker will get more information about the reported abuse by calling or visiting the at-risk adult or other interested parties.
    • A caseworker will help the adult get needed services that may solve the problem.*
    • The county staff person may provide you with helpful information.

    *Note: An at-risk adult has the right to refuse county agency services.

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