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Youth Services Team

Youth Services is one of the most creative, innovative and unique programs in the county. The unit provides various functions, both to youth involved in delinquent court and families involved with the Department through voluntary or Dependency and Neglect cases. The programs are listed below:

Court Intake

A Court Intake is a brief needs assessment aimed at identifying interpersonal and family issues that resulted in the youth's involvement in the delinquent court system. Based on the assessment, a case worker will help to facilitate services if required and will include written reports to the courts.

Home/Community Based Services

The goal of Home/Community Based Services is to prevent out-of-home placement by providing case management services to the client and family in the youth's schools, homes and other community settings. These services can be accessed by the Courts, Probation Department, and internal DHS referrals. Length of service is typically 6-12 months.

Young Men's Latino Group

This is a closed group that serves young men of Hispanic/Latino origin. The group runs for 12 weeks and serves clients in the Home Based program.

Young Women's Life Skills Group (YWLSG)

YWLSG provides skill development to females, ages 13 to 17. It is a ten week closed group program that meets weekly. Girls in this group typically have been sentenced to the Home Based program by the courts, but other CYF units can refer girls to the program.

YWLSG After Care

Girls that need further skill development after YWLSG will continue to meet weekly to continue to address skills development.

Supervision of Probationary or Deferred Adjudication Sentences

These clients are required to participate in the Home Based program and may have other services in place that have been arranged by their case worker. These youth and families are sentenced to the program by the Juvenile Magistrate or other Judge.

Transition Group

This group is for young men, age 13 - 18, that are involved in the Home Based program. This is an open group that works on skill development.

Young Men's Group

This is also a closed group that serves young men ages 13-18. Clients that are involved in this group have typically previously been involved in the transition group prior to entry. These youth are also involved with the Home Based program.

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