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Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP)

CFCIP provides independent living skills and other transitional services to youth preparing to live independently after foster care.

CFCIP services

  • CFCIP develops five competency areas (evaluated upon entrance into the program):
    • Employment
    • Money Management
    • Household Management
    • Community Resources
    • Personal Skills
  • CFCIP uses a continuum of care which helps transition the young person out of foster care and into a less structured independent living situation.
  • CFCIP teaches a core set of competencies that enable the young person to become employed and live in the community.
  • CFCIP coordinates with others involved with the young person, including caseworkers and various independent living services, in order to provide coordinated services to a youth moving toward emancipation from the human services system.
  • CFCIP emphasizes utilizing foster parents as co-teachers of the program. Foster parents are the most effective in incorporating the specific skills that every young person needs to learn.

Eligibility Criteria

CFCIP is a voluntary program serving only those youth who actively and willingly desire to participate. The program is available to:

  • Youth age 16-21, who have been in out-of-home placement (licensed foster care, group home, or relative placement) for at least 3 months.
  • Youth who have been assessed with the ability to emancipate and who are able to benefit from the program.
  • Youth in shelter situations who have a goal of emancipation.
  • The developmentally disabled population, if the youth can benefit from services.


  • Be self-sufficient; not dependent upon any monetary assistance from the welfare system.
  • Be educated; have a GED or High School Diploma, with a percentage of young people continuing into post-secondary education.
  • Be employed as determined by the State of Colorado Employment Data.
  • Be free from involvement with the criminal justice system.


The Chafee Foster Care Independence Program does not serve youth in RTC/RCCF placement, since these placements are being paid to provide independent life training.

Services are not provided to youth that are retuned to their own homes. However, if a youth returns home and then is placed again prior to turning 21, services may be available if they are deemed appropriate at that time.

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"It's a good program because there are a lot of questions I have about living on my own and the program has taught me about them"
          -youth participant, age 17

"... helps me learn stuff that parents are supposed to teach us."
          -youth participant, age 18

"... it is like working hand-in-hand, teaching the kids how to live in the real world."
          -foster parent

"... without it, moving out would be difficult because I wouldn't know as much [budgeting, goal planning, college information] as I do now."
          -youth participant, age 17

"[The CFCIP] shows me how to be on my own, and also how to get something done when there's nobody around to help you."
          -youth participant, age 17

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