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Family Planning (Birth control/contraception, reproductive health care)

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Our mission is to make every child a wanted and planned addition to the family by providing reproductive health care, family planning, medical and health education services, primarily to low-income individuals.

Services Provided

  • All services are confidential.
  • Low-cost birth control supplies including pills, Depo-Provera, IUDs and more
  • Annual physical examinations for women
  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor gynecologic-related conditions
  • Emergency contraception
  • Call for appointment


  • Anyone who is in need of reproductive health services. Priority is given to residents of Larimer County.
  • Teens do not need parental consent for services


All family planning fees are based on ability to pay (sliding fee scale)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How and where do I get family planning/birth control services?
    The Reproductive Health Services Clinic offers services for family planning, birth control, and sexually transmitted infections including confidential testing for HIV (AIDS virus). We have three clinics located in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Estes Park. All of our facilities offer pregnancy testing and a full range of methods for preventing pregnancy, from abstinence counseling, to prescription and non-prescription birth control products.
  2. Do I need an appointment?
    Appointments are required. (See below for contact information). Some evening appointments are available.
  3. How much will it cost?
    For family planning services, fees are sliding, based on the person's income level. Other services are provided at very low cost. No one will be denied service because they cannot pay. Teens in Fort Collins can even ride the Aqua Route 8 Transfort bus to the Health Department for free!
  4. Do parents of teens have to know or do they have to give permission?
    Although we encourage open communication between parents and teens, by law, parental permission is not required for teens to use our services. All of the clinic's services are completely confidential.
  5. What is emergency contraception?
    Emergency contraception is sometimes referred to as "morning after pill." It is a form of oral contraceptive (birth control pill) for women who have had unprotected intercourse that prevents a pregnancy by preventing ovulation. If taken within 120 hours (about five days) after intercourse it can prevent pregnancy. It is safe, low cost, and effective.
  6. When should a woman start getting annual exams or Pap tests?
    It is recommended that a woman begin getting annual gynecological exams at age 21 or when she begins having sexual intercourse, whichever comes first. The Pap test is sometimes included in the exam. It is a test for cancer cells on the cervix.
  7. Can I get my birth control pills at the Health Department and my exam from my regular doctor?
    No. The Health Department is not a pharmacy. In order to obtain pills from the Health Department, you must be a family planning patient and receive your exam at the Health Department clinic, which is conducted by a nurse practitioner on our staff.
  8. Will my health insurance pay for reproductive health services?
    Medicaid is currently the only insurance that is accepted at the Health Department. You do not need insurance to receive services. All fees are based on your ability to pay.

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Contact Information

Nettie Underwood
(970) 498-6761
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For clinic information or to make an appointment, please call:

Fort Collins
(970) 498-6767

(970) 679-4580

Estes Park
(970) 577-2050

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